Across The Sky

I’m so excited about this song I wrote called “Across The Sky.” I can’t wait for you to hear it! I don’t mean to be a tease, but you know how I am!


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  1. Tell us about it. What did it mean for you? What do you think it will mean for us?

  2. i think that evrybody who check this blog wonna read and estimate words wich you used in this song…

    give as sugar…!

    you know we are never irreverent!

  3. Actually I don’t know who you are LOL!
    I can’t wait that song πŸ˜€

  4. You are exciting!
    Sorry for doubting that it was your blog – I was confused by all the humbug.

    My wish is that you will send me a message – a literal one!

    Your tease is absolutely lovely because there is never any let down.

    Love ya!
    (blue sailor boy 2U)



  6. Hey, i just thought i should put this joke out because it is funny!
    NEWSFLASH: A hole appeared in a fence surrounding a nudist colony. Police are looking into it.
    Love ya madonna! (know you said to use ‘louise’ but i am a rebel!

  7. that s good…take your pleasure

  8. Indeed I know. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I’ve know for along time actually! πŸ˜€

    Like a tree and it’s many branches, with leaves that give shelter to the many lost along the way.

    I like it when you tease.

    Optimism. Ya, that is what I need, but sometimes it is hard, what with all the negative energy ever lurking.

    I see all these souls in search mode, not having yet found or realized what matters. Some can be annoying for me.

    Even Lana is like those who are lost, ever telling me of all these guys that are interested in her and are not. She too hides from the truth, that all she needs is someone to hold her hand everyday. But when you do, she is off and running away, not realizing what she needs is the one who stands before her.

    I cannot stay, and so I walk away, until another day, when she calls and we go thru it all over again. Like a faithful friend I return, to be at her side, until once again it is time to walk away as another enters.

    It is difficult for me to embrace if ever there is one for me who knows all we need is each other. My optimism fades like a dying flower, where love having bloomed, fades away.

    Drives me nuts some days. What else is there to do but hold on to God as I journey. God knows how I feel, and what I truly need, ever warning me of this and that, of where my heart is, and needs to always be. If only she could see. Maybe she does, and prefers not to show it, and yet she does, and the whole world knows it.

    Ah well.

    I am bored again, can you tell?

    One day, she will find me, who ever she is.

  9. Ah, I have my art work. That is fun, and keeps me from the tendencies of the many snares out in the world.

    Yes. I will work at my art work. I need this time for me, until one day I will come to see, the person that loves me, for me.

    I am too vulnerable right now, so it is best that I take shelter for awhile.

  10. If you write all this because of the song, it would be really wonderful.
    I can’t wait to hear it!

  11. Hey. I am feeling fantastic now, physically speaking.

    I eat only natural foods, alot of fresh fruit, and pistachios are my favorite.

    I love all the different fruits, a variety to choose from each day. So incredible to the taste. No more junk food that numbs the palette.

    My body is responding to this perfectly.

    Exercise is vital.

    Sleep too.

    I have one bad habit I need to get rid of, my smoking. It is holding on to me right now. My optimism is too low to quit. Smoking is like a friend for me, dulls the pain of not knowing, even while I know what I need, I still wonder if I am alone.

    Feels like it most days.

    Take a look around. Do you see what I see?

    We stand in complete peacefulness, knowing all we need is what we already have.

    It amazes me sometimes watching them, like ants, ever marching with no concer for anything, or so it seems.

    Imagine that. We need merely to hold hands, knowing that that is all we shall ever need. Incredible!

    Years go by, and so many times we searched and searched, not realizing the simple truth of what we yearn for is to hold each others hand in life, with no concern for ever letting go. It is not possible, once you know the truth that we now know.

    Thank you father.

  12. I wish you were here.

  13. hmmm…so it’s true!

  14. I felt weird today.

    I kept feeling this inner happiness.

    I felt so liberated from the world all day, with people constantly being their petty annoying selves. How about you? ;D πŸ˜€

    Exceeding happiness and joy, knowing fully that all we need is someone to hold our hand and not let go.

    This hand we hold though is one that is devoid of doubt. A true and faithful friend who loves us with all their heart, mind, body and soul, walking with only the purpose of love.


    That is who we have become! ;D πŸ˜€

    Always were, but sometimes it takes God to reveal it to us.

    A special time for all, awaits us in the future, as this knowingness of love devoid of doubt grows and bursts forth in the world.

    I can’t stop smiling, even if you are not, although you seem happy and cheerful today.

  15. I know how you are, yes. I feel your strength of truth with me.

  16. There is a powerful strength with me that I had not felt before.

    It surprises me sometimes, seeing and feeling it within me, pushing further. Incredible sometimes!

    Why do you feel so close to me?

  17. It is a connectedness of some sort.

  18. I thank you for your strength, for I am weary some days. My own doing mostly. I am not the most secure person, that’s for sure.

  19. There are many world’s, but they share the same sky.

    One sky. One destiny.

  20. ah forget it boys, never mind, let’s go, she is married with a loving family. πŸ˜€

  21. I love pears, mangoes too, and fresh ripe pineapple. Cantalope is good as well, grapes, banana, strawberry too! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  22. She is in love boys, so just forget it. πŸ˜€

  23. I think mangoe is my favorite of all. I like the texture of it and the taste that is heaven sent.

  24. So have a mangoe today and think of me ok? πŸ˜€

    And I will do the same.

    Where’s my mangoes? πŸ˜€

  25. I believe my love across the to the Louise!

    Love, Love, love…

    Have a wonderful week!

  26. Hey Lou,
    Of course you are a tease darling! Its one of the many things we love about you!
    hope you had a good thanksgiving..

  27. Louise,

    “Across the Sky” sounds like a winner, and makes me think of “Sky Fits Heaven” from ROL. Can’t wait to hear (and buy) the album.

    Love, Marc (in Rochester, MI)

  28. Across the Sky over the ocean causing a commotion
    underscore the notion… Do the locomotion
    come on come, do the locomotion with me….

    ( there you go now you can copy Kylie, )


  29. I bought the album but I didn’t find β€œAcross The Sky” on it. 😦 Why?


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