The Queen’s Music Club: Through The Wilderness

Click here to check out the Chapin Sisters’ version of “Borderline.” I like it. I hope you do, too! Click the album cover below to pre-order the upcoming tribute album “Through the Wilderness.” As an added bonus, 25 percent of this album’s sales will go to Raising Malawi!


134 Responses

  1. I saw this pic a few weeks ago, and saw how spiritually connected it is.

  2. Ok.

    You win.

    I surrender.

    Oh…I already surrender to you before, when you looked in the palm of your hand. ;D πŸ˜€

  3. I found the keys.

  4. It is ordained by God that I tell you.

  5. It has to do with God’s grace that is alive in me.

  6. It is incredible!!

    The grace is like standing in the middle of the universe, where all of it belongs to you.

  7. Then there is the spirit realm that is incredible too, where only with sincerity of heart are we able to enter.

  8. Past, present and future are all connected.

  9. When you enter, the unclean spirits that are not wise, are not able to see or comprehend you, unable to stir your soul, yet they are ever present all around. The nashing of teeth at the door.

  10. In the spirit realm is pure peacefulness, and fearlessness that is devoid of fear, because of wisdom of all things unwise, that torment the souls of many.

  11. I know you comprehend these things, and that is why I am speaking to you.

  12. So what do you know about the spirit realm?

  13. I have entered.

  14. Why is it that I only trust you? Do you know about the things I speak of? I feel that you do.

  15. So now what?

  16. I want you to do something of vital importance to me, for sake of you and the kids.

    You have to promise me you will do this. OK?

    It is meant for you and your future.

    Promise me you will do what I ask. Say it out loud after reading my request. Just say, “I promise!”

    I want you to throw all alcohol out of the house of God you dwell in.

    Do you promise me to do this?

    Do it today. I must be done today. Do not hesitate.

    If I am speculating on this, then forgive me.

  17. Ok…now I can stop worring about you the way I do, and get on with annoying you the way I do.

    Oh look. I said I do twice…three times! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I jest.

  18. Hey, I love you.

    I can’t handle worring about you.

  19. If you are happy, then I am happy for you. OK?

    I love seeing the lovers who are truly happy.

    But I have also seen the lovers die from doing drugs and alcohol, and it always makes me sad.

    Rick could not stop his drinking. It was affecting his health, being HIV positive. He was born the exact same day as me. Imagine that!

    It was my first week in the ghetto. I quit my job in hellsville with the homophobes, one way bus ticket, shirt on back. Troy was already gone, and they had scheduled me to work pride weekend.

    I had to be there. I just had to be there.

    When I got off the bus, I walked down the street that leads into the ghetto. As I walked I began to see the lesbians holding hands and kissing, and all the gay boys so happy and true, melting my heart.

    The sun was shining that day, with a nice gentle breeze. I felt a strong feeling come over me, as though I was walking into the kingdom of heaven for the rest of my life. I had left behind all my past and fully embrace everything about the ghetto. I love the ghetto. So many beautiful souls so afraid. I walk with great strength of courage and wisdom of them as a veteran of the ghetto who is always graceful with them, as they too are graceful and so afraid when they arrive.

    I have walked with purpose for along time now. Every step, every breath, like Rosie does everyday. She is incredible, so solid in her ways.

    You have been the loving voice in our ears and our souls for such along time. You have no idea how much this has meant for me, to see all these souls so afraid of who they are, becoming free and loving as they dance away to your music.

    You have saved more souls then you realize. How is it possible to put a number one the ones who did not die?

    Did you know suicide is ten times that of homicide? I read that the other day, with gays at the top of the list for most likely to hurt themselves.

    This is my sincere connection with you. Always has been, and I thank you for saving the ones I have come to love with all my heart.

  20. There is only on girl for me that I save myself for, and that will always be you.

  21. I will not give it away to anyone. It has been 18 years now.

  22. I am just saying. Not that I expect this from you, but it waits for you, just the same.

  23. hahahaha

    I just realized there is likely no one alive that has ever said this to you. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    But then again, being know by all the world, it is possible I suppose.

  24. Hey, I love you.

    I understand. Ok?

  25. Ok…I will stop acting like an immature brat…Ok?

    When I get over tired, and people in my day have bashed away at me, I become unfocused, and the negative enegry begins to taint my thinking.

    I have learned how to focus intently with my soul. You have to surrender to it completely. We are able to do this easily when we embrace the truth that we are not wise of God’s wisdom.

    Only then does the spirit realm reveal itself to us in perfect grace.

  26. ok then…soul mates?

    It is what I want most with you, beyond the mere existence of dailey life, for the love is genuine and true there.

  27. It is our love of God that connects us.

  28. Jesus was one with God. There were many before Jesus

  29. It is unimportant of who or when, of the souls that became one with God, for useless pride of such things like world, is able to prevent one from becoming one with God, like I have.

  30. I love my relationship with God. It is my whole life.

  31. Grace is one of the most loving gifts that I love so much with God.

  32. I know you have become one with God.

  33. It is difficult somedays, yes?

    People can be so not of God’s grace, and love. Seemly empty to us, or not knowing how insecure they really in our eyes.

  34. I am compassionate for them all. Even the really derranged souls, so wild and bizzare in their soon approaching death, what with their hard core drugs and anything they can get their hands on.

    I saved one soul from their clutches, with the help of the RCMP, we rounded up 28 guns and 100 arrests in the ghetto. Some of them have returned, recognizing me.

  35. Fuck them. I am protected by undercovers. I laugh in their stupid faces, unafraid of their wretched hearts.

  36. The afgan war is a drug war.

  37. The iraq war is likely negotiations with Saudi, who provide for the US economy.

  38. The powers that be are what they are.

  39. For God has not come down yet.

  40. But God is here with the blessed and the pure and the holy.

  41. You notice I speak alot on love devoid of doubt.

    This is of God.

  42. Preparation for those who are yet to come to know God’s grace.

  43. You are so incredible! Your zeal for life is of God. I see this clearly in you, devoid of the useless fear, like that in the world of so many souls that are afraid.

  44. You are having a direct affect on these souls.

    I know you know these things. I just want to encourage you to keep doing what you do, for as long as you want to that is.

    Which is likely unending, seeing how we feel about God. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  45. So how was your day?

    I kept thinking about you all day long. Three of your songs came on the sound system at the store.

    I sing along with them sometimes. Although I can’t sing well enough to buy my supper. Ah well. It is the feeling inside that counts anyway.

    I love you so much, it hurts.

  46. in a good way of course.

  47. It is so great to love someone without doubt, like I do you.

  48. No matter how far or how near you are to me…

    …I love you!

  49. I want to make a video using that song over the weekend.

    Something to look forward to that will make you smile.

    It will full of love and colourful souls of the many loving lovers.

    I look for love in everything. The smallest things are really moving for me.

  50. I see God’s grace in people. Alot of them where symbols of God.

    I saw a Madonna with child necklace today, with a heart surrounding them.

  51. I thought of you.

  52. Hey, your crying. Don’t do that. I feel it when you do that. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Actually crying is good for us. It is the genuineness of the love we feel inside.

    Everyone does it. At the movies. At weddings. At funerals.

    People should be more sincere with their love. Especially their lover.

    God wants us to all love ourselves and our lovers, friends, and acquaintances, with all our heart, mind, body and soul.

    Complete Surrendering is of all the heart, mind, body and soul.

    Why be afraid of surrendering to something so beautiful for us to know and feel and BECOME!

  53. When I saw this picture, I thought the same thing.

    Madonna and child, and the crown of the king of souls.


  54. When I think of the two child I sponsor, I think of what it is that is best to teach the children.

    I think God’s love is what should be taught the child, having grown wealthy in God’s love, I know it to be true in my heart, that the loving heart is the greatest treasure known to man.

  55. I will post pics of the two kids I sponsor this weekend.

  56. Perhaps it is the spirit of David’s mother.

  57. Ok. Soul mates is what I wanted with you from the start.

    We always have been, so why change a good thing?

    You would be too annoying to be around anyway. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I jest.

    wait for it….


    NOT! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  58. what a funny film.

  59. Did not do well in America, perhaps because they don’t know how to laugh at themselves, what with their ridgid shell they carry around.

  60. When Troy died, the loving heart inside of me took over my personality.

  61. And killed my false persona…literally and figuratively, walking thru deaths door which is the door that deceives spiritual death.

  62. I was keeping a diary at the time.

    There is nothing but the striking of pen marks in the pages where my heart took over…no words written…just constant hard pen strikes where words seemed inappropriate to express my sadness over losing the love of my life.

  63. It was my four year old mentality that was in love with Troy.

  64. My sincerity with you, is of the sincerity of love I feel for Troy, where sincerity if the key to our soul.

  65. is the key

  66. slowing down to God’s grace is necessary.

  67. for this is where the door opens.

  68. break time…

    I love you. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    My soul mate! Wow! I am so happy! For I know the genuiness of heart that keeps soulmates together is eternal.

  69. Where never a word spoken is like that of the world.

    Where love devoid of useless fear and doubt exists, that is of God.

    Thank you father. I prayed for this.

  70. Don’t forget what you promised me. OK?

    Do it today!

    Those who drink are welcome in God’s house, but they have to check the alcohol at the door.

  71. This simple rule has kept my drinking in check.

  72. 29 more posts to go.

    I read somewhere that 100 is God’s number, as in 100%.

  73. There are many tendencies in life that lead us away from love.

  74. i hope u had a good thanksgiving M and i love this song and they did a good cover u should do this song on your next tour..

    have a great weekend



  75. We must be grateful while God is living thru us.

  76. For truly we know love is all that matters in life, of the greatest value beyond all riches.

  77. It is this love that we know is truly able to unveil the way to end all ignorance and the way that deceives spiritual death.

  78. It is common sense for us to know, but great difficulty for some.

  79. It is by grace that sincerity of the heart is truly able to feel.

  80. It is not hard to see in others, but only if we turn towards it and look apon it with minds that are focused.

  81. What a beautiful song!

    So I got the best of you did I?

    God’s loving heart in you!

    Wow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  82. Well…takes one to know one I suppose…yes? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  83. Exceeding Joyfulness is what I feel and see in you.

    I am like…YES! She feels it!

    Having loving people around you is what helps, like Rosie and Kelly.

  84. I am reading from the time period BC right now.

    Have you seen the Celestine Prophecy on DvD yet?

    They did a good job of it.

    You can see God in everything we look at.

  85. IN FACT I HAVE TO CALL U Louise i forgot about that so sorry…

  86. The prophecy touches on the sincerity of the loving heart, and is meant for those who seek love devoid of doubt.

    Just because one aspect of life, where ever it is, is not complete understanding of God, it is meant for those to embrace along the spiritual path that they are on, where all things are meant for us realize as ordained by God. Some people have difficulty understand this.

  87. Spiritual Rebirth of Life is for those who turn towards their own loving hearts and embrace it as the single most important thing they will ever do.

  88. Truly I tell you that it is, and truly I know you feel the same as I do.

  89. There are many things that do not reach the father of the ALL, but firm faith(knowingness) does.

    Life is able to teach only those who take time to reflect.

    This too is a common sense perspective, easily embraced by anyone. The difficulty is in the number of things that are empty of love that we wade thru in life.

    At all times we all hold the key to free ourselves, merely by taking the time to reflect on issues that may be troubling us, whatever it may be.

    The end goal is not prosperity, and rather growth of the loving heart is the goal, where prosperity is an end result or offspring of the loving heart that connects with the many souls uniting together as one.

  90. great abundance awaits the generations of the future.

  91. all possible by means of the loving hearts.

  92. opposing forces are unaware of the wisdom available.

  93. to Lithargoel, my queen Louise:

    SORRY Lithargoel,but u need to get a life( or a blog) gizzz ! what is this ?

  94. When we embrace wisdom, our cognitive abilities are able to protect us from retoric that is able to drag the loving heart and mind downwards into bitter hypocrisy that is far from the truth of how we feel in love’s embrace, where grace is replaced with ungracefulness, although when all is seen thru God’s eyes, compassion is for those yet unwise.

    In judaism they speak of the foundation as being life, well-being, wisdom, wealth, seed, gracefulness.

    Life as in a Loving Life.

    Well-Being as in a Loving Life, or result of, where stress is dramatically reduced, and joyfulness surrounds those who dwell in God’s house.

    Wisdom is of God’s wisdom and is only for those who surrender to God. But how do we know God. We cannot know God if we do not surrender to God, although we can contemplate God, which is ok, as it is a path to God, where the connection with God begins to establish and occur within them. The required connection with God is only thru sincerity of the loving heart and mind that also connects us with each other in love’s embrace.

    Seed as in the seed of truth that does not fail, and rather it is always we who fail the truth, when ever we do not take time to reflect on the truth, where the loving heart is required to feel the truth.

    Wealth as in spiritual wealth that deceives spiritual death by means of wisdom.

    Gracefulness as in the way we feel when we surrender before God when we are alone(although I have learned to be able to do this anywhere now), where exceeding gracefulness is required to feel clearly the truth of things we reflect on, where our feelings is sight that is restored to the soul, able to see clearly the truth that is fully embraced in all things we look apon eventually.

    The opposites of these are equally important, as the truth of the opposites is able to serve the enlightened ones, by means of the truth of what not to do, as seen in the world.

    As though a fat man thru the eye of a needle are we able to enter and be one with God, shedding our old self protective mechanisms we created along the way.

    It would be cool if they could create programing that would instantly transform us. Food for thought.

    Some films approach this, but I have not seen one that is truly able to reveal God completely and yet enlightened ones are able to see God’s wisdom everywhere, where even darkness of ignorance is a part of the light of God’s wisdom.

  95. The greatest thing we need to remember is that it is not about hurrying up to catch up with God, and is in fact slowing down, and falling into God’s grace that is required.

    Stand still somewhere on a sunny day with grace and we can feel the serenity of God peacefulness that is devoid of everything useless, where the wind from a bird’s wing on our face is of God.

  96. Gratitude is essential. Our taste buds are brimming with gratitude, so it is essential to only eat natural foods, and not the over processed bland and salted foods that overwhelm the taste buds, where overwhelming is not of the sensitivity of subtle and delicate flavors we are able to taste that remind us truly about our genuine sensitivity, like that of the graceful loving heart that dwells with God.

    Although I am not giving up my chocolate…OK? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  97. For those of you think that this is too much, you have not seen what I have come to know, that I will reveal later.

    These are just a few of the many ways we are able to grow rich in God’s love that is truly incredible for us.

    This is baptism of the soul thru wisdom.

  98. Here is an excercise of learning.

    Jesus knew that they would do what they did to him in advance, for he was of great wealth of God’s wisdom, having become one with God in his loving heart.

    With that said, we know Jesus let them kill him on purpose. Question is…why would someone at one with God do such a thing.

    Answer: He knew they were caught in the bitterness of snares that were of the teachings of the forefathers, and knew, just as I know, the capability of the loving heart of his own, also is able to be found and known in others for them to know for themselves, the greatest treasure known to man. Jesus wanted this for them to know fully and reflect fully on the truth of this great treasure of love.

    Common sense, Yes? But why did he let them, or sacrifice himself?

    Answer: He linked his own sacrifice with the tendencies that are leading the people away from the capability of their own loving heart, knowing afterward they would reflect apon it fully, where love is forth most of great importance beyond all else, where in his own death he escaped and deceived the spiritual death of love all around him.

    Jesus cognitively knew this as absolute truth, where he came to know the compassion of God in his heart by means of God’s wisdom of the truth about spiritual poverty of the loving heart in all those around him.

    Indeed, one man, altered the future of mankind forever. Incredible when you think about the truth of this in the world. Although the world is yet to come clear of it’s useless absurdities, there are many who are wise, but how many are of God’s wisdom without partiality of the heart, where love devoid of doubt exists?

  99. Am I annoying you yet? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Is that a banjo I hear? I owned a Leo banjo as a teen.

  100. ya….who knew?

    I am still a good banjo picker.

    I got to a point where I got bored with it. I was as good as the best. Still am in other ways.

    I learned that what ever you set your mind to, you can become the best in the world at it, better than the rest.

  101. Key things for God’s love:

    Sincerity of the loving heart.

    Gracefulness and deliberate slowing down

    Surrendering to God’s wisdom, where life teaches you about love, of what to do and what not to do.

  102. What?

    You did not expect this?

    I love you, you fool! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I love saying that!

  103. Sometimes I wonder if it is me saying the words

    or if it is you saying them.

  104. thank you, i m going to work and hope to be nice, bisous

  105. It is because the words connect with your soul yearns to express itself in the same way as I do, having freed my soul already from the fearful and absurd world we live in so full of useless doubt about love.

    Thank you father.

    God blesses those who are loving and those they love.

    I love you! And now you know my love is true!

  106. Everlasting Baptism from the living waters of God, that awakens us to come alive with great zeal of love in our hearts, lifting us up from useless absurdity.

  107. a fool in love with God, like me! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    And I have not even told you what I am ordained to tell you yet.

  108. It’s a full moon

  109. Hey Louise!
    Happy International Day of Dance! I wish you all the love, light and luck in the world!
    Love, Ella

  110. Andy,

    Shut the f@#$ up ! contain your excitement, otherwise i’ll personally come and glue your keyboard down so you’ll never type another word.

    Only Kidding…

    No Alcohol


    LOVE SAY’S shut up Marco

  112. Marco say’s yes i know, always knew, God knows i know, oh my God, I am becoming Andy, joke…. what do you get when you get two god’s together ? Heaven…

  113. Dear God.

    I pray that Andy fall’s in love soon with a non drinker
    I pray that all the starving children in the world never go without again.
    I pray that the world radiates in love forever

    I don’t need to pray that Madonna is and always will be the greatest female artist of all time and sell’s ANOTHER 250++++++++ million record’s

    And finally i pray for peace on earth.


  114. God, if Madonna is a woman, does that mean that God is Female.

  115. Goodnight God

  116. Hello Ms. Louise..

    I love the cover Art and I love the idea of this album…
    There’s something about the way you interpret MUSIC that sings to our hearts..
    Although, their attempt is honorable it doesn’t quite capture the same essence in it’s delivery (in my opinion)…

  117. You’ll need a video for your new album
    One theme should be Timeless.
    Age and Time don’t really mean much

    Go Fame Warrior!

  118. You cannot hurt a heart that is already hurting,

    Love does not hide, and love never goes unnoticed

  119. And i think i have been given far more than i expected already. enough now look after yourself.. i Cannot wait to get this CD .. oh shit, really i want what you want … if im to be true to you and to myself,

    Andy…. you are so addictive…and after i finish crying I never want this feeling to end..

    One thing is certain i shall never forget or is that I just remembered.

  120. One thing it’s past 3 o’clock already , thirty minutes past

  121. I m going to walk down to the river now, and if i fall in and drown
    it’s only because im so hot.

  122. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…hello hello I’m still reading your blog :D:D (I’m not angry anymore ssssssssss)

  123. oh dear lord andy
    please get some help
    we all love u but come on ur making me nuts
    with all of this stuff with g-d
    dont pontificate just be a good person k

    very cool

  124. you don’t understand monica, nonetheless, it is not necessary to, as love of the future will greet you well, surround us all with exceeding joyfulness and calm.

  125. heading out to the art supply store, see some friends in the ghetto, call Lana, my transexual friend from ’95. She tryed to hurt herself again a few months back. She is doing well. It is others who are not doing well with her. She needs me right now, and I will be there with her for awhile as an old and dear friend who loves her as much as she loves me. He was 17 when I met him. A beautiful soul that shall always remain a part of mine.

    Can’t wait to get to the art supply store. Art is always so exciting for me!

  126. you should write 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 items about him, it is so exciting to know your shit Lthg

  127. T o Lithargoel my queen:

    hey Lithargoel u need help gizzz u are C R A Z Y like i said get life, a webblog, or someone to talk too anything please just stop this ! oh and ” i don’t wanna hear i don’t wanna know please don’t say you’re sorry ” lol

  128. Love we feel in our loving hearts, is the greatest treasure known to mankind.

    This Truth of all Truths is True for those who know.

    It is merely the knowingness of the love we feel.

  129. Truly you will not find anything greater than love.

  130. Let me know if you do.

    For I know you will not.

    For I already know the truth.

    And so can any of you, merely be embracing the Truth of all Truths…

    …that Love is all that matters.

  131. Thanks Marco

  132. Me like it. I would buy the Chapin’ Sisters’ cd for sure.

  133. Oh, I am going to where the blue clown this year, and every year here after, with roller skates and a big ass super soaker squirt gun.

    It is the closest thing to the trueness of my ever happy True Self that wants to always laugh and play, with exceeding joyfulness of myself that loves everyone. It is who I always was, where I am truly loving of everyone I meet, like we were when we were kids. I see past all the shortcomings that once were of my own, that I learned to shed and let go of over the years, freeing my True Self of useless drudgery like that of so many of the world, including myself once before.

    Not anymore…my carefree loving spirit is FREE, FREE, FREE!!!!!!!!

    Is it just me, or do I seem happy to be free of my place of work that was making me feel toxic?

    hmmm…It’s just me!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    and you of course!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    No matter what, come what may, I will be wearing the clown outfit every year from now on!!

    And so should all of you, let your True Self out to just be who you always were!!!!

    Full Circle!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    I want to wake up the True Self in everyone!!!!!

    not just us!!!

    It’s no fun having fun alone!!!

    Oh, this year will be so happy for me!!!

    I can feel it!!! It feels exceedingly joyful and free to just be me, baptizing everyone with my holy water!!!!

    Truly it is holy water! You should see the gasp, and breathe in the love I feel for them in their delight of someone who feels for them too. A true and faithful friend who summons them to tenderness of fun loving spirit, that I know exists in everyone!

    The True Self!

    I love you!

    Love, Andy

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