Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to personally wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I wish you all light and peace. Don’t forget to exercise and don’t pig out! Remember my advice when you are tempted with all that food! Don’t end up with a big arse!


17 Responses

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too…
    Good advise about the exercise and overeating…

  2. Ya well…my arse is smaller than yours…so there! 😀 😀

    hey…what roots were you talking about before? The spiritual roots with your Mom? That was always much motivation for you?

  3. And as for temptation, I am wise about what and who are good for me.

    You are good for me, just as you always have been good for me.

    Am I good enough for you? I think I am, knowing my feelings the way I do, that seem so true.

  4. I have begun reading the Rainy Day book.

    More inspirational than I first thought it would be.

    “With a little optimism and faith, you can still walk — even dance and splash– through the puddles of life, with a smile on your face, even when you are pretending to smile, when hurting inside, hoping it would subside.”

    I added some of my own words to that one.

    ok…let’s SEE. Opening the book to a random page, and read what is there for us to reflect apon. Here goes. Here is what is written.

    He kept playing his game of pretend, hiding his pain, watching and learning from those around him. Ten years later, he made a movie that released one fateful summer. To everyone’s surprise, the film grossed nearly $500 million.

    We are the house under construction, the lump of clay that is being shaped. We’re never still, never stuck, never stagnant. No matter where we are now, our dreams and our faith can shape us to become something greater.

  5. Sometimes I get to thinking about the possibility of God’s plan, if there is one.

    I can see the future sometimes and it always warms my heart.

    The heart of the optimist I guess, like the one I see in you.

  6. LOL Here we don`t celebrate Thanksgiving! So no chance of pigging out! LOL

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!! I love reading your blog!!!!!

  8. I love biking. It is so freeing of ourselves from everything. It is a good experiential technique to connects us with childhood. Everyone should do it everyday.

    I do.

    I bike to work everyday.

  9. Some people run 20km a day. Incredible souls in the world.

  10. I need to focus in on positive energy, that my boss is draining me of, hoping I will quit.

    Issue addressed.

    Beginning research on solution.

    Exiting seems to be the only option. Why feel stressed or anxiety about coming into work? Everyone despise her bully mentality.

  11. u too to ur family too
    oh i forgot on my sweet pot pie to add crushed pinapple k

    have a good one ma
    hope ur with family and good friends
    and u make ur thanksgiving givings like u used to around the table as we do too.

    macys parade the best
    this year alot of bway shows very cool.


  12. happy thanks giving to you too louise, we dont celebrate it at all in ireland BUT im headin to the gym for the second time this week (last night was the first) so will have my arse under control for Christmas!

    lots of love and light to you and your family


  13. hope you had fun with a nice dinner and you didn’t feed the garden !

  14. Happiness and Joy to you and all your loved ones.
    All the best!


  15. Hey, if you are a fan of Madonna, please check out the new remix of “Hung Up” by Gravitator @ http://www.myspace.com/gravitator

  16. we had a great thanksgiving omg so much food
    i wish people in our world who have no family or thanksgiving can have what we are all blessed with it is truly a shanda. Maggie is so adorable, Ro’s niece a little shirley temple so cute.
    oh do i love animals, children and the elderly i wish i could love them up all of the time.
    i would have sent u too a holiday card of our family but i dont have ur address as one could not have
    i know u are just too famous and that is understandable.

    I cannot believe that Boy George got arrested once again. What the heck is wrong with him.
    I just heard it on the news.

    Something in regards to an escort service. Perhaps i heard wrong but that is what we gathered.

    We enjoyed our Turkey, our pies, our potatos, our salads our vegatables etc.
    I was pretty good but when it came to our desserts i couldn’t help myself too indulge.
    U only live once and to be frank i am not interested in my arse i am only interested in how i feel inside but that is me. I am a size 6 and i am quite happy with that at 43 i will be 44 in Jan.

    It was nice to spend time with my brother and my mom and pop(step dad) my dad lives in Miami.
    and us so then after the kids went to bed i put my TVO on and we caught up with Larry David Curb ur Enthusiasm which is prob. my favortie show
    Suzzie Essman Cracks me up for sure, i love her
    and i love that whole cast
    so that was so funny.

    My mom is depressed still and i guess one never gets over certain tragedys. But, all in all we had fun.

    Today is Black Friday and my parents are out shopping for all the great sales.

    They leave for Vegas next week and they wanted to check out the sales……….

    I hope u come to Atlantic City and not the Prudential Center this time in the summer when u come to concert it is so conveinant for me…..
    if not well i will just have to be inconveinced for u……

    well, have a wonderful day
    Angela, other assistants to Madonna, Guy, Rocco, Lola, David and wishing ur extended family a berach a shem always.


  17. let’s me have a bone of your turkey…hey you are my Bevored Snger Louise and i do all i can for you !

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