Fan Video of the Day: Hung Up Thanksgiving


6 Responses

  1. That’s what happens with too much alcohol.. Haaaaa…

    They look like they were having fun..


  2. i don’t understand why to need to have the tv on in a party !

  3. Happy thanks giving! I wish you all a WONDERFUL day full of love, joy and fun! This people are having fun,ha? LOL

  4. Happy meal… keep one bone for me, please i will eat it tomorrow with mayonnaise 😉

  5. drinking is living? No thanks. Bin there. Done that. I know how the story ends.

  6. lithargoel, andy we all know u now and we all think u are probably the nicest guy meaning no harm
    but u gotta stick to the subjects and lighten up ok
    cuz it is not healthy must be balanced with light, g-d etc……
    i understand u however sometimes i really think u make hamburger into chopmeat just take it easy
    if people want to have a drink it is ok
    if u are a recovering alcoholic then that is ur situation not others
    happy thanksgiving
    and live life and stop being so serious life is too short lovey
    celebration celebrate
    everybody spread the word and have a celebration
    put ur troubles down
    good madonna song for u to listen too

    madonna i cannot wait until ur album sooooooo excited
    if u come to jersey
    continental arena, or atlantic city again please
    so nice to have a venue that is not so crazed

    rosies computer is down call her cheer her up
    she is upset

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