Vintage Recipe: Easy Ride Horse Cookies


While you are enjoying your Thanksgiving feast, don’t forget that your pets also would love to enjoy something extra special. My children and I always enjoy feeding these great horse cookies to our animal friends! Thanks to Ella for requesting this recipe!


5 Responses

  1. Pets are great! They are so relaxed around us when we are loving and peaceful like they are.

    I cannot believe how peaceful some mornings are with the pets slowly waking from their sleep, rays of sunshine pouring in, as I make my way to the kitchen, the house so quiet.

    I keep remembering my grandfather’s house as a child, that was so peaceful all the time. He was a minister of God, a gentle loving soul.
    Sometimes as I walk, I feel I am in his house of peace again. Perhaps I am. Feels incredible! Not a concern in the world.

    We all can feel this way, and I pray everyone does.

    I am off to work. I pray your day is filled only with love devoid of doubt. Only with peacefulness and joy that you feel in your heart with those you love.

    I love you. I have loved you for along time, just as you have loved me. Always have. Always will.

    Remember that ok? I do. It is not possible for me to forget your love, having become love that is unceasing. It is in my every step, every breath, leaving me feel that I am walking in the kingdom of heaven with everyone I meet. The feel it with me as love eminates thru me deep into the loving eyes of their soul, as the begin to smile. It is like being a magical child with strangers I meet, who have no idea about who I am.
    I dare not tell anyone, lest they call me crazy, and instead I let the love flow thru me into them.

    I will always love you Madonna, and respect everything you shall ever do.

    Our friendship is one made with love. I cannot thank you enough for your loving heart in my life. I know that I am loved. You are truly loved by me, and the many loving souls of the world.

    Love does not end, for love is eternal. I know my loving heart is real, with love overflowing that is mixed with your love for me. I cannot describe the incredible way I feel right now, only to say that I feel like a magical child, like you, that shines into everyone’s soul.

    It is a light that we have become now, that does not stop shining forth in the world. It is not possible for us to stop shining, having become the loving compassionate wisdom of God, as children of the light of God’s love and each other’s love.

    On we go.

    Love, Andy

  2. Thanкs Louise! I hope my horse will love it! I haven`t tried tem yet though!

  3. you should give one to lithargoel !

  4. hi Louise!
    I don’t have a horse, can I feed another pet with these cookies?

  5. maybe a dog? cat?

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