Fitness Tip: How To Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays

– Wear a tight pair of pants when you eat. You will not be able to eat so much food.

– Get out of bed early that morning and do at least 4-5 hours of exercise.

– Chew sugar-free gum or mints at all get-togethers so you won’t overeat. Also…brush your teeth before eating sweets. Brushing your teeth makes sweets taste horrible! You won’t want to eat them!

– Make the holidays about family and friends. Don’t let food be your main focus during the holidays.

– Ask your chef to prepare some healthy recipes and only accept one serving.

– Listen to one of my albums and dance after your holiday meal. Dancing burns calories.

– Get at least 8-9 hours of restful sleep each night. Sleep deprivation will cause food cravings.

– Position yourself away from the food at holiday parties. Don’t be afraid to tell the family that you aren’t hungry. If they insist on giving you food, take the plate outside and dump it in some shrubs. They’ll never know you didn’t eat it!

– Make a deal with yourself: I will not overconsume or eat foods that don’t meet my standards for optimum health during the holiday season. Always set standards high for the “fuel” that you put in your body!- And keep in mind: it’s all about making the right choices. Make the right ones so you don’t fall behind and have to play catch-up in January.


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  1. motivation is key

  2. God is my motivation

  3. he loves us

  4. He loves us

  5. just another day for me. I don’t celebrate them much anymore.

    I will likely walk the streets during the holiday, as a friend to the homeless, where merely a smile warms their hearts, and maybe some hot chocolate to warm the cold.

  6. Hi Louise,

    Just stopping in. I am on my way to work. Enjoy your day.

    I love you.

  7. Great tips Louise!
    Last year was teh first time I didnt make silly excuses over the holidays and can truly say that by being good, I felt the benefits in the new year.

  8. What normal person would follow these tips? Honestly?

    listen to my albums and dance after the meal
    i can just see that now with my family
    my loud jewish family and u can never get a word in
    and right after i blast ur music and start dancing
    well, they think i am crazy anyways but that would be so funny….

    i am really not a huge thanksgiving lover i mean it is one of my favorite holidays. However, i am not a big turkey lover. I like it really sliced thin with russian dressing that is good.
    My favorite dish is my sweet potato pie
    here is my recepe for anyone to make k

    well u buy a big can of sweet yams or you can use fresh sweet potatos baking it to soft
    then no skin
    if u dont use can
    mash like mashed potatos and then add butter to ur taste and add salt and pepper and than take baby marshmellows and put in too
    and add cherries on top the ones in the jar and take off the stem…….
    and bake for like 20 min on 350 it is so yummy!

    another recepe i make good
    for thanksgiving is my carrot sufle’
    bag of baby carrots cut and cook
    3 eggs
    1/3 cup of sugar
    3 tbs flour
    1 tbs bk powder
    1 tsp vanilla
    1 stick of butter or margarine
    pinch of cinomon
    pinch of nutmeg
    3 tbs brown sugar
    top 1 cup of cornflakes
    and bake on 350
    mix all of course
    and boy is it yummy
    if ur kids hate carrots they
    will love this
    and u can sprinkle again
    baby marshmellows if u want again

    happy thanksgiving
    i make stringbean caserole
    great too
    and i make coleslaw my own
    and of course my stuffed potatos are too die for

    that is easy
    just bake ur potatos
    and when done scoop out potatos let it cool
    put aside
    and cook onions in fry pan with evoo
    and mix in potatos
    salt pepp milk like mashed
    and then stuff back in potatos
    and bake 350 until nice and brown
    yummy!!!!!!!! oh and add atleast 2 eggs
    and it is so good
    u will get anyone to eat a potato
    and of course add butter to mix to ur liking

    when u cook ur turkey what is really good is in a seperate bowl make ur mix to slather on ur bird
    take garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper
    and some honey and mix well
    then take some turkey gravy and mix too
    and slather ur bird everywhere
    and let it cook for a while and
    when u get the pan fired up
    take ur turkey squeezer and keep putting on bird
    less is more i think
    and make very dark crust on top
    and make sure meat is white inside
    and then take electric knife and let ur man
    cut it nice and thin

    and make sure to watch the parade from Macys the kids love it

    and be thankful every day for ur blessings
    bye all

  10. You got it Louise that’s exactly what i’m gonna do!!!: )

  11. my blog is offline…not sure why.

  12. oh my god. Looks like i need to hit that dance floor and shake my hips and burn off those love handles might make a yoga video of myself it will be halarious and send it to you.

  13. I have another one for the list: When you do eat whatever you decide to eat, really get into it! Really notice how yummy every single bite is. When I can do that, I get satisfied much more easily, and don’t really need more.

  14. Hahaha! I am with Matt on this one.

    But keep in mind Matt, that we are talking about Madonna here, who makes millions just from a picture, and with noble heart, gives it to the poor!

    A Win Win Win relationship that is perfect!

    Although enabling poor people is always the wrong approach, where education is key.

    I used to like Christmas dinner, until my sister-in-law took that away from me, calling my Mom to say she would not have two homosexuals at the Chirstmas dinner. Humiliating to say the least, for me and my lover. Their loss, not mine. I am wise, they are not. Foolish hypocrisy of the heart enslaves them in dark captivity…although I am not so sure that I feel compassion for them yet.

    Maybe next year? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I won’t let poison make me bitter. They don’t know me, and likely never will.

  15. Well, I cut out all sugary food, except honey, which is natural.

    I stopped drinking pop, replacing it with water or pure juices, no sugar added.

    I sleep 8.5 hours a day. I am at my peak performance with 8.5 hours sleep.

    I am about to commence my no smoking campaign this week.

    Stupid to start in the first place. Even more stupid is to quit for 8 years and start again. I went out with some really cute guy and we got to drinking…next thing I knew I was smoking again. He was really cute!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    He’s gone, but will be back. They always come back. But my smoking will be gone when he does, and it will be like, “Thanks, but no thanks! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Unless he chooses to do house cleaning in the nude. Hard to resist when they do! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I remember Paul. Tall. Italian. Beautiful body. Beautiful face. Always nude. So incredible living with him. We were like none stop sex all day and all night. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    He taught me well about the loving lover’s heart.

    Spent along time teaching me too! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    We were lover’s for about a year. Moved to Miami. Lives on a boat now.


    We have to take special care of our own loving heart and loving life. It is our responsibility to ensure our life is loving, always starting with our own heart that feels for another.

    If they don’t love us back….move on.

    I have always found, that just around the next corner is someone beautiful and loving, making us forget all about the past.

    Although I will not forget you. Not possible. You were my Ray of Light into my loving soul. Thank you.

    You are the Ray of Love into everyone’s loving soul.

    Love, Andy

  16. Hy Madonna,

    I love your new blog ! You`re great ! This tips are perfect ! Because I like them so much , I applt them and I fell so GOOD ! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€
    Good wishes for you and all you want ! :*


  17. Do you wanna arm wrestle ?

    Do you wrestle ? ,

    in your undies

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