Fan Video of the Day: Holiday


12 Responses

  1. weak.

    first of all the location is wrong…should be on a beach, on a beautiful sunny day with birds all around and lot’s of people…oh say 10,000 would do.

    Secondly there should be lot’s of satin flowing outfits and wonderous and extraordinary playfulness with exceeding joyfulness of laughter and play.

    Lot’s of squirt guns of course.

    Oh yeah…YOU and ME of course!

    hahaha 😀 😀

  2. hey are you any good a paint ball?

    I ‘ve always wanted to kick you ass at paint ball. 😀 😀

  3. I live such a boring life.

  4. funny…I was thinking the exact same thing about an hour ago…celebration!

  5. great minds think alike

  6. your teasing me again.

  7. I like it when you tease me…don’t stop…what ever you do…don’t stop loving me.

  8. i know I won’t. Not possible to stop now.

  9. We’ve come to far to stop now…even if just friends…I am happy with that.

  10. unless of course you need more than that….and of course you already know my answer.

    Yes, you moron! 😀 😀

  11. this song is the good criterium for good holidays : sometime evryday is a celebration and sometime no one is good and i wd like to change of friend when it is like this! the untiy of the happiness is the day, and the best is when we have the desire to stay all the day in the room even we know there are so many beautiful things out waiting us, and sometime it is a mixt, for that my Friend Paul was marvellous or magic !

  12. and he looks very happy and it is funny to sing with him Louise..i recome back on wok

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