Vintage Recipe: Super Pop Lemon Drop



Super Pop Lemon Drop

“If I were a drink, I’d be a lemon drop!”

1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz lemon juice
1 sugar cube

Directions: Add sugar to the rim of an old-fashioned glass, and drop a cube or packet of sugar into the bottom of the glass. Pour vodka and lemon juice into a stainless steel shaker over ice, and shake until completely cold. Pour into the prepared old-fashioned glass, and serve. Serve in: Old-Fashioned Glass


13 Responses

  1. why have you change your blog if we find exactly the same article? this my interrogation and my perplexity..oki this drink is good an it is never bad to drink again if we could…kuss

  2. I have the same question as Eric..?

  3. I am an alcoholic. One drink is too many and a thousand is not enough.

    My personality even while sober for many years now, is still affected by the yearning of wanting to drink.

    I channel the energy into postive and constructive work. A dry drunk, as they say, where I prefer to drink from the cup that is sweet to the taste that Jesus and God measure out for me each day.

    Father placed a derranged soul before me today. A soul so derranged that I was not able to do anything for them. I was deeply saddened by the truth as I stared at the ground, reflecting and waiting for the answer to fill my heart and mind. I kept waiting, and then the words of Jesus came to mind.

    Jesus said, “Where there is one who is not yet born of God’s spirit, there too is your father.”

    What does this mean?

    It means you are ever present with me father, wishing to always teach more about the love we are able to embrace. While others may be skeptical of this truth I have come to know, I shall proclaim the truth to them of what I have come to know. Perhaps they too will come to know you, or have come to know you, where my words are able to serve them too, in knowing the truth I embrace as not fantasy for me, where true love is real for me in my heart, mind, body and soul, where ever I go.

    I prefer to enjoy this loving embrace more by staying sober.

    Love, Andy

  4. I want to post my recipes here. Many people are requesting them. I will post some of my older posts from time to time as a kind of look back at the old blog. Some of the new fans here have never seen the old blog. I hope you all will understand. If you don’t like the post, just ignore it. OK?

  5. I also posted this as a tribute to Harry’s Bar in London. I had a blast there Thursday night. This is the last time I will defend any of my posts. There is too much complaining. I can’t please everyone all the time!

  6. I just worry about you, that’s all.

    It is not my place to say how you should live your life.

    We all have the ability to read the charts and navigate life when and where ever we want to go, as free spirits apon the earth.

    Love, Andy

  7. It does not matter what I think.

    What matters is what you think.

    If I think I enjoy having sex with guys, then what matters is what I think, regardless of what others may want or think.

    I enjoy having sex with guys.

    If I think I enjoy having sex with gals, then what matters is what I think, regardless of what others think may want or think.

    If I think I would love being around you all day and night, then what matters is what I think, regardless of what others may want or think.

    I would love being around you all day and night.

    So would alot of people.

    Fortunate are the hearts that are around you all day and night.

    Fortunate are you if you love them too.

    For what matters is what you think, regardless of what others may want or think.


    So what do you think? 😀 😀

    You already know what I think.

    Merely ask yourself what you think.

    I am happy for what ever may come my way, with a girl or with a guy.

    I suppose I am more fortunate than alot of people yes? More to choose from! 😀 😀

    I am fortunate for my loving heart that is wealthy with love.

    We all are, when ever we turn towards love, regardless of what others may want or think.

    Turn towards the love we feel for everyone, and may the best man or girl win the loving heart of the lover who is most loving of us.


    It feels better when someone loves us as much as we love them. But that’s just what I think. 😀 😀

    We go in directions that we enjoy going with who ever that may be, does not matter, for everyone is capable of loving embrace.

    I cannot think or make decisions for someone else. Ultimately they come to me and express themselves to me in so many ways. My hand is always open to theirs if they want to hold mine too.

    What matters is what they think or want with me, regardless of what others may want or think.

    Sorry…abit wordy!

    “Hold my hand damn it!” would have sufficed. 😀 😀

    Bah…you cannot say I did not say what I think. I said it alot actually. Pehaps too much in the eyes of some. A good thing to feel loved by another, regardless of what others may want or think.

    Ok….I will stop.

    I love you.

    Always have. Always will. But I should let go of what I want and think of you and move on. It is not healthy to stay to long in yearning for someone that may only want to be friends with us. We need to accept the truth in situations like this.

    If you love someone, let them know. If they love you back, they will let you know. But be prepared to let go and move on.

    Let me know if you change your mind…OK? 😀 😀

    I will stop pestering you the way I do.

    I will continue posting lessons of the pure heart. I enjoy feeling and writing what I feel. If someone reads it and feels what I feel, then the words have succeed as a legacy, able for love to live forever, just as your love does in the hearts of so many the world over, including mine.

    Love, Andy

  8. I love the recipes and can you pls post the one for the horses`s treats 🙂 Thanкs in advance!

  9. oh Mama, this is an old one……..

    you already mentioned about this in 2005’s blog.

  10. oh dear lord
    oh dear lord

  11. ohh, i love this post….

  12. I can not understand ……. she writes anything and everybody written against her……. oh, god, thank her for having written.

    i have fun reading this one.

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