Inspirations: Protect Yourself With Light

If you feel someone is psychically attacking you or being energetically hostile toward you, imagine a protective light surrounding you. Some people think of a white energy field; I imagine being enclosed in a translucent blue egg. Find a color that works for you. This will protect you from any harmful energies being sent your way.

From the book: How to Heal Toxic Thoughts: Simple Tools for Personal Transformation
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  1. I do this a lot. I use blue for protection and gold for healing and love.

  2. Wow! Now you’re talking My language… Glad you’re using these tools..May I suggest another book:

    We all need to practice Psychic Self Defense… But those who put themselves out their publicly are especially vulnerable to PSHYCHIC VAMPIRES.. and Negative attachments…

    There are classes on this subject all over the world….

  3. White light is made up of the whole spectrum of all colors so i visualise a combination of all the colors around me and protecting me because its a combination i can mix an match kinda like a comination lock so it cannot be penetrated by the dark energy, security is good

  4. Negative energy is always from those who are not wise of God’s love, for God is the only true and faithful friend one is able to have that one can trust.

    I trust only God completely.

    Abandonment is one of the greatest fears we have. How often have people used the threat of abandonment towards us. I too have done this with others many times in my life. It is an immature thing to do. True and faithful friendship is able to grow deep in trust over the years when both friends are mature in wisdom about the issue of abandonment fear, that should not be used against another.

    Learning to let go of the many things of the old self is a process that requires effort and willingness to change.

    When I come before God, I embrace that God knows all the mean spiritedness of my old self that I have learned to let go of(mostly). I surrendered my life to God, because I know God is the greatest teacher that one can have, who is true and faithful to us, not wishing to abandon us, where instead it is always us who abandon God who wants us to become loving.

    God casts no one out of the kingdom of heaven, rather it is we who cast ourselves out of heaven, when ever we turn our hearts and minds away from God, who knows things we will do before we do them.

    I gave my life to God, because I had arrived at a point in my life where I realized many things.

    Many years passed where time and again I kept returning to read about Jesus from many sources, including the Nag Hammadi Library.
    As time passed I realized how peaceful and loving I was feeling when I was dwelling the the words of Jesus.
    I arrived at a day when I realized something profound…that I was in love with Jesus, more than anyone I had ever met.
    I realized fully in my heart that Jesus is my True Love.

    I then acknowledge before God and Jesus in prayer, that I had come to realize in my heart and mind, that I am not as wise as Jesus and God.
    With my heart and mind wide open in prayer to God, I fully surrendered to the truth that I shall not become as wise as Jesus and God, so long as I turn away from them.
    Humbled before God and Jesus I knew I was in love with Jesus. I knew that the greatest love I had ever felt was when reading his words. I knew fully in my heart that I wanted only to be with Jesus and God.
    I spoke to God and Jesus that day, with complete surrender to them, that I want Jesus to have my whole heart, mind, body and soul, knowing the only gift of any value I could bring to the alter was my life surrender to them.

    I gave my life to God and Jesus.

    I woke the next day feeling different. I could feel things I in a way I had not known before. I could sense the souls of others with clearness of truth. Everywhere I looked I saw the truth in all things. I was overwhelmed.

    Later I read that those who surrender their life to God, are given many gifts that their heart and mind come to know.

    It was last year around this time that I gave my life to God and Jesus.

    Something happened to me. A baptism of sorts you could say, where we are cleansed of silly and foolish thought by means of the reasoning mind of the heart, that feels the emptiness of things that are not loving, deeming ourselves not wise to engage in such things, not because it is bad, rather because it just does not feel good to us like loving one another does.

    As kids we loved one another much more so than we do as adults.

    Like the time my best friend’s parents were about to move away. I told this story before, but it is good to recall it from time to time.

    I think I was four years old, and my best friend and I knew it was going to be our last day together, colouring and playing together.
    As my Mom and I went to leave, my best friend Mark and I ran to each other for one last hug, where our parents had to pull us apart from each other with each of us crying and screaming out each other’s name.

    I was so upset by that event for along time, that still lingers in my soul that knows fully that love is the greatest treasure one shall ever embrace.

    When it comes to negative energy from others, my protective barrier is one of wisdom that sees clearly the condition of the soul of another, that I too was once like, realizing fully the immature approach they have with me, where the immediate response of rage back at them in retort, is equally immature.

    It takes practice to turn towards our patient and understanding mind of loving compassionate wisdom that reflects on the truth of these situations, where in time, the fires once kindled within us are extinguished by God’s wisdom.

    It is important that we journey a safe distance in life, away from retoric, where we can just be our loving Self around others who are also being their loving Self.

    Nurturing this first with Self, then sees us nurturing this in our lover, friends and acquaintances more often than not.


    Strive for maturity of the loving heart, mind, body and soul, and you will find yourself in the loving embrace of the only thing of any value…LOVE.

    Love, Andy
    Love, Andy
    Love, Andy

  5. 😀 😀

  6. Love does not thrive in negative environments that we have all found ourselves in over they years.

    My therapist taught me that setting boundaries is required if I want to live a loving life, where we are to to take time to reflect and descern for ourselves who is appropriate for us as a lovers, friends, and acquaintances.

    I do.

    I screwed up the first half of my life…but hopefully not the second half.

    Why embrace folly when wisdom is available for us at all times.

    Don’t get caught in the down slide. Words of wisdom for anyone to embrace.

    Love, Andy

  7. I choose love over hate.

    I choose wisdom over folly.

    I choose Madonna over everyone of you! hahaha 😀 😀

    because I choose light of wisdom over darkness of ignorance.

    Madonna is of the light of wisdom.

    Thank you for spending time with us Madonna.

    Love, Andy

  8. Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back 😉

  9. I read the book of Psalms and surround myself with sunlight. Prayer is my force field that helps me.

  10. Which part did you think you were playing.

    You burned everyone around you – You speak of GOD – Oh and he’s very angry (lol) – You seek God in the blood and the flesh – but it’s his choice – now the time has come my dear for – you sold your soul and you tried hard to make it worth you’re while – but soon you will know what God truly is – and he gives to those he loves and takes away to those who hurt them.

  11. the babbling aimless haphazard idiot speaks unwise nonsense unknowingly from the emptiness of the hypocrite heart they take delight in dwelling in…..

    all bullshit, every word

  12. The objective divine wise WILL of the evolved adult child Jesus, of God’s purity love wisdom, is to break the unwise bitter chains of the generational false teachings of the forefathers before Jesus, before us all, as a Truth Revealer, where truth does not fail, and rather, it has always been the truth, that it has been we who turn from awareness knowingness of truths about the divine child within us all, such as exceeding grace.

    Only thru surrendering to the grace of the divine child within, is one able to fully feel the truth of all things, where by means of our feelings, sight is restored to our soul, and we are able to discern the truth of all things we reflect apon, of the truths about the divine child within us all, the pure respectful wisdom that comes with awareness knowingness of 100% purity love the divine child is knowingly of, awake, or of subconscious submerging, the divine child KNOWS and feels the truth, at all times

  13. ok…im not really sure what you are talking about Marie…yet, your words are abit vague, yes?

    please eloborate, as i am most curious……..

  14. hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my interest is waning fast!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. yawn………

  16. Please let me in your egg…pappa’s hungry and cold…c’mon Madonna i have changed..i’m bleeding about for your love..please,please..i have stayed on my knees all night and i will stay on my knees forever and pray for us,so please let me in..knock,knock..its me KOTZKAN…your favorite dog..i can do a few tricks..and i am willing to learn more,just to be petted by my favorite owner..only you know my soft spots..perfavor Madonna..its cold on the street..i know how you feel..please..i have suffered,think is enough..Santa Clouse is awake..i can play with kids now..please marry me..please..???

  17. ah, Marie, i was just joking about the babbling idiot……don’t take offence….in Jesus and God’s eye, we are all capable of coming fully into awareness knowingness of the constant aspect of the divine child within us all to feel LOVED and LOVING at all times, that which is constantly of yearning for us to BE of feeling, at all times, of what HEAVEN is.

    blessed are those who are of awareness knowingness of what HEAVEN is, of outward appearance which lights up the whole world by means of affect/effect direct/indirect, where every second of every day, alters the entire future for all of mankind….at all times, the TRUTH that does not fail, is not able to fail, because PURE TRUTH is unable to fail.

    blessings to all

    bless you

    Jesus loves ALL God loves ALL We love ALL

    God blesses ALL

    bless you

  18. if you don’t know anything about the Book of Mormon you are as ”good as the freaking pope”so everything you say is as politicaly right as The Bush administration..goodluck..and Hola to your boy..buenos dias!

  19. Like God taught Jesus, so God teaches ‘me’

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