Gucci and Me

I am joining forces with Gucci to raise funds for orphans in Malawi. We will host a fundraising event with dinner, musical performance and a party on Feb. 6 next year to mark the opening of Gucci’s largest store in the world, on New York’s Fifth Avenue. The event will benefit UNICEF and Raising Malawi.

I am grateful that Gucci is joining forces with me to bring attention to a country with millions of children in desperate need of our help.

Raising Malawi has already done tremendous work in helping these children. But we have much more to do and this event will surely bring us closer to our goal.

The New York event is expected to raise at least $2 million. I will be joined by a list of celebrity co-chairs in the event including Adrien Brody, Arpad Busson, Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault, Tea Leoni, Lucy Liu, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and Gwyneth Paltrow.


12 Responses

  1. where is the white and black tragic bag of Gucci? not yet in my post mail !! where to buy it?? not on this blog anymore??

  2. the queer lithargoal is making one with only L O V E , it is so beautifful…

  3. nice! wonderful! i really hope tat you will collect LOTS of money for the poor little orphans!

  4. symbols looks familiar….hmmmm

    Your heart has always been in the right place…with me of course!!!! 😀 😀

    ….I could not resist that one!

  5. You are hard…*cough*….to resist! 😀 😀

  6. I think my testosterones levels are increasing…along with anticipation of a true lover’s embrace…

    I have a clip board for anyone that wants to sign up for what true self yearns for and is.

    I jest.

    But truly, being who we really are, and always where, is the only way to be. Why hold on to doubt and fearfulness, like that of so many, when all we have to do is be ourself around others, the one we are when we are alone.

    If they don’t like us, then it is they who have a problem, and not us who dwell in love that is devoid of useless doubt and absurd fear.

    I love you!

  7. good to see ostentatious enslaved to do good in the world, instead of the other way around.

    the greatest beast in the world is the financial creditors of such massive size and enslavement of souls.

    these beasts enslave people for their entire lives…holding people in their minimum payment capability until the day they die. It is merely a snare, that one is always able to avoid if they are wise.

    the problem is the group mentality of keeping up with the jones, which is also unwise.

    Wisdom capability of the brain, is the key that everyone already possesses… they just do not know that they do, for many reasons and dynamics, and lack of wisdom that may not realize that love is the only thing of any value in life.

    The only way to bring this beast down is thru loving compassionate wisdom of God.

    I imagine a world without fools gold, like the kind I used to play with as a child.

    Becare what we teach the children. Let them know by example of where your heart turns towards, so that they too may feel what you feel, the knowingness that love is more valuable than all the gold and silver of the world.

    Where our heart is, there too is our treasure and our life…at all times.

    No one escapes from this truth.

    Only a fool thinks that they escape this truth.

    In heaven, nothing is hidden.

    What we turn our heart and mind towards, we become…at all times.

    No one escapes from this truth…at all times.

    Only a fool would choose to do or say anything not loving.

    While we all slip and engage in things like anger, where patience is the opposite virture, the harm in doing so should be seen as something silly and useless, devoid of love.

    Life is the greatest teach for those who take time to reflect while dwelling within their loving heart and mind.

    All of life’s answers exist within the loving heart and mind.

    When we emotionalize these things within, it is here that we internalize the lessons, breaking free of the bitter and useless absurd chain that once held our heart captive, by means of great ignorance.

    Wisdoms that we learn, are the keys to the kingdom of heaven all around us. Within everyone is the greatest treasure of all that one shall ever discover…the loving heart and mind of reasoning, able to see thru God’s eyes all things hidden in the kingdom of heaven.

    Heaven is much more than a mere perspective, rather it is what we feel and what grows within our loving heart and mind, where eventually God recognizes, and acknowledges us and we recognize and acknowledge God, where we know God and God knows us in real time.

  8. One merely need to making one with only L O V E so beautiful!

    I under estimated you Eric…please forgive me.

  9. i just hope that more company’s will go and work with u on this
    i thought about it a bit M u can try to talk to company’s like H&M(which u worked with on your collection ) C&A and V&D (well known here)and others i think it will be great if allot of them will chip in .. i think it will be great if all of them (with u) will create a collection together that everybody will be able to buy and to wear and the money from it (or at list the most of it) can go to UNICEF and Raising Malawi.not a good idea?

  10. that is awesome

  11. It is featured on Supreme Master TV in the documentary “Madonna – a Star filled with Love”

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