My New Style

I just had an online meeting with my friend Arianne. We are discussing my new look for the upcoming photo shoot. I’m going for something very dramatic. It’s going to be da bomb!


15 Responses

  1. hmmm…as long it’s honest.

  2. Honesty of the heart is what matters.

  3. …not easy to do for alot of people.

  4. You have done so many different looks…hard to imagine which one this will be like…but I will try.

    Let’s see.






    Of God.

    Ya. That pretty much sums you up.

  5. u always photograph amazing. i like that name arriane tell her i think it is pretty.
    i was going to name my son allana if he was a girl lol.

    i really appreciate that u sent me the new address it made me feel very special.

    have a nice week
    i just picked up the films for the breast surgeon
    love to my ro

  6. What kind of da bomb are we talking about here?

    Is it like…DA BOMB!


    is it like….that is da bomb?

    Made you laugh! ;D 😀

    I love you, because you love me too!

    Love, Andy

  7. I love you because you love me true!

  8. How is you doing?

    I is making strong strides in suffering the physical illusions plague me not. More animal at most in time this is.

    Are U real?

    Seems not to those in your Idol trail of pixy dust.
    Seems yes to those who know you better –
    The latter I wish to be forever

    Always in love with you no matter what the cards be drawn
    No matter how far the battle
    Now matter how drowned the cry

    If thy is true to the blue than call no matter
    And thy call shall be answered
    In time


  9. good morning my queen! thanks for your message i just got it last night :-)! like i said i am sure that the photo shoot will be great god u changed so many looks and styles over the years … i just can’t wait for this 1 to tell u the truth… :-)btw i want to say something again about “the beats goes on” i think u need to release this 1 officially cause i have been doing some reading awhile ago somewhere and it’s in the charts (in Brazil if i remember correctly ) so why not let it be an international worldwide hit ? …anyways have a great day love u M



  10. I can hardly wait to see your new look, but it will be amazing for sure, and also it will create a new trend.

  11. How about a Crazed Bald Look? Oh, wait, Britney already did that!

  12. The beautiful Madonna that is exploding with exceeding joyfulness and loving light, unable to be vanquished by any bitterness of any kind, having already become the loving light of God’s love.

  13. I find myself quite excited about the new album. The sound. However 80’s it may sound. I’ve been reading mixed reviews.

    One thing I hate about critics is when the complain and murmur about when an artist tries a different sound or look. The public feels the need for an artist to stick to a particular genre of music. An artist is suppose to be create, experiment. I hate it when the pubic and the media makes it so that it’s a bad thing when an artist plays around with some sounds, looks, it’s horrible. If Madonna said she was going to take a swing at country and ended up being nominated at the American Country Music Awards in Nashville, I’d totally root for her and support her swing at the genre. I”m excited about the trends that follow pursuit with this next release.

  14. The last photoshoot I adored is you with the little mouse on a pile of books. I love that shoot.

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