Kabbalah Lesson 10: Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Some say that Kabbalah explains the origins of everything. Some say it contains all of the secrets of the universe. Kabbalah is said to be the most powerful and the original spiritual knowledge ever to appear on Earth.

These are very impressive ideas.
However, don’t believe them for a second!

The first rule of Kabbalah is not to believe everything you read or hear. The whole idea of belief allows the possibility of doubt. Knowing, however, leaves no trace of skepticism.


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  1. Indeed.

    Knowing, however, leaves no trace of skepticism.

    Eventually we are able to enter into knowing, rather than mere belief or faith.

    Instead of having faith in God, it is better to reflect on the faith God has in us, but only if our hearts are sincere about love.

    Great and numerous are the distractions, clouding our ability to reflect on what matters.

    Take for example, the pettiness of the egotisitic self, dressed in fine garments. I see this all the time in the financial district. All the millionaire tycoons, thinking they are so wise, not realizing how petty the look and ARE.

    I laugh inside at them. I don’t hate them, I just see them as kids still playing dress up, not yet wise about what really matters most….love.

    There are so many snares in the world, it is nearly impossible to enter the kingdom of heaven.

    I will continue to reveal it, in a way that one is able to feel it without skepticism.

    We all feel it, but there is a knowingness that is devoid of foolish doubtfulness and fear, where only love exists, and only love is of any value.

    Fear is everywhere in the world.

    Doubtfulness too.

  2. Heaven is love that we feel.

    But to enter fully and completely, requires surrendering to God, acknowledging to ourselves that we do not know everything, that it is foolish to have a closed mind.

    I found once I surrendered to God, doubtfulness was replaced with truthfulness in everything I look apon.


    Every word one speaks.

    Everywhere we look.

    You likely see(feel) what I see Madonna, the arrogance of many, lacking in grace. I see them as fools. I don’t hate anyone, I just see them for the way they have chosen to be…aimless and waundering.

    I see the lack of love in their eyes, that is of their path in life. They all seem tormented inside.

  3. They don’t look for God’s wisdom. They don’t know God is here with us.

    The big misconception is of God being judgemental.

    God knows the darkness of ignorance the world dwells in, wishing the darkness to be replaced with love for one another.

    Truly a loving world is possible. It may take a long time, but what is great is that the love building up in the world is accelerating.

    You are cause for love building up in many. We all are.

    We can only shine forth what it is that we feel.

    Surrender to love, and we feel love and truthfulness.

    What good is life without love?

    What good is anything not loving?

    I gave my life to love and truth. It is all I want. I cannot dwell in places unloving. I despise wretchedness of heart.

  4. I don’t hate any body. I know everything they follow is from the teachings of the forefathers. It is not anyone’s fault.

    Group mentality is to blame for alot of it as well. Birds of a feather as they say.

    Ah well.

    Find someone to love and live a loving life. Along the way, when living a loving life, we become love and light for all the world to see and feel clearly eveywhere we go. We are what we turn towards. Love is the only thing one should ever think of.

  5. Anything else is useless

  6. That’s true, my life would be very different if I believe in the words written in every mail I receive.
    My teachers thell me that don’t believe in everything I hear, they say that I have to search for more information and ask all the doubts that I have.

    Love from Mexico to You.

  7. Cryptic.

  8. it is a paradoxe,” i m reading don’t believe evry things what you read ” ! so should i believe etc good trick !

  9. just to correct : evrything

  10. actually….we are to believe everything we see or hear. But not in a way that the world does.

    See clearly the truth in all things.

    Is it loving? Is it hateful? Is it fearful?

    God is not doubtful or hateful or petty.

    The great thing with God’s loving compassionate wisdom is that darkeness(all things not loving are not of God) serves the light.

    Indeed, the light of wisdom is grounded in truth, where even darkness is light, by means of the truth of what not to do.

    Therefore the balance is leaning towards God, even if God is remotely small in the world.

    The seed of God is pure and perfect, unable to fail. The light is TRUTH that reveals all things hidden in the heart, in order that we can cast it out of our hearts, knowing it is not of God.

    Those who drink from the fountain of life, become loving light of God, unable to return to their old self eventually.

    IT takes time for God’s love to grow within. It requires constant nurturing of love, and constant protection by means of acknowledging the truth, where it is useless and foolish to do anything not loving.

    When we leave ourselves open to ignorance, darkness is able to dwell within us, where indeed, we are darkness.

    Those who do not shine are darkness.

    It takes time for all darkness to be left behind, but once we do, we are protected from the fires of bitterness in the world, because those that cast bitterness of hypocrisy, do not realize nor comprehend the wisdom of the one who draws near to them, who does not have to reveal themselves to them. If we engage their bitter attacks, their poison is able to kindle the fires of bitterness and hate within us, that God has already put out.

    Those who are most wretched of heart will be last to enter the kingdom of heaven, after the rest of the world has become enlightened. The enlightenment of many, shines brightly everywhere with exceeding joyfulness, affecting all who draw near.

    Joyfulness of love for one another is of God. Right Rosie? You are awesome Rosie!!!!

  11. where are you learning your lesson of witchkraft Lithargoal? i

  12. oh i forget, i love you the light and love

  13. and shit for all this week i have read his light shit!

  14. Thought: Are you saying we shouldn’t beleive what you say on this blog????


  15. Madonna. I think it’s great you are spreading the spiritual teachings on the Kabbalah. I am a big fan, of you and of esotericism, but I wish you incorporated more overt spirituality in your shows, Why not make better use of those huge screens to transmit spiritual symbols and images, that might impact the psyche of your audience and raise consciousness? Please see the comments to a facebook post I did about you recently. No doubt you will think I’m unfairly judging you (and I am truly sorry if my comments are hurtful ); it’s just that I see the tremendous opportunity you have with your vast audience and mega-shows to raise consciousness, but the overall imagery and impact in your shows – entertaining as they are – is still basically sexual. There’s nothing “new” or innovative in that – our culture is already so immersed in sex and hedonism. Sex sells, but “What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Thank you for all the joy your music has brought me over the years. https://www.facebook.com/groups/471345376235531/permalink/1166242250079170/

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