Fitness Tip of the Day: Floating Poop



Did you know that when you are eating properly & have enough fiber in your diet that your poop will float in the toilet. Are you floating or sinking?

Eating plenty of fresh raw fruits & vegetables will not only provide life-producing enzymes for health maintenance, but the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, & fibers for a healthy colon.


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  1. It is vital to eat fresh foods, if we want to feel good.

    The world falls victim to all these processed foods, which are giant financial empires for those in the food processing business.

    What most do not realize is the difference in how they would feel if on an only fresh food diet, no processed anything.

    Our bodies function perfectly when we eat properly, and we feel perfect too.

    People are their own worse enemies, where wisdom is their downfall, in many ways.

  2. I guess I can forget a career in marketing for the food industry yes? ;D 😀

  3. I am always floating…on cloud 9 that is….when ever I am around you!

    I love you!

  4. M, I do love your poop entries!
    They raise a giggle.

  5. Hi M!
    It’s good to know that… The next time I will take a look to know how healthy I am.
    Thank you.

  6. Miss Platnum is nice too even her special diet…and what do you think about drugs? about fruits and vegetables it is obvious if we want a lovly poop !

  7. and the shit of M is still a shit ! we are not obligied to eat your shit since this morning ! yokkk

  8. come on, it is an artistic poop ! M like Mozart !!

  9. Thank you for showing this “unique” picture. I fell so much better …. now that I’ve lost my appetite!

  10. gross

  11. I had a floater today! Is that TMI?

  12. dr oz says it means one’s diet is too high fat, but healthy poop is curved, well formed and often an s shape.

  13. Madonna, why did you put that ugly picture again? It is not what a mother and a married lady to an English aristocrat should do!

  14. M, i think you could have made your point without the picture.

  15. Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back 😉

  16. I find comfort in Madonna having used a photograph to make her point. She’s a silly human being that likes to be grose. It’s funny. But back to poop facts:

    If you eat too much sugar: You get slick sh!t. You don’t want slick sh!t. It’s sticky and you end up wiping your ass for a good 10 minutes. That is a time waster and alot of paper is used in the process.


  17. MY POOP IS :ZUNGULIRA MUTU!like my Love to you Babyes Mama!

  18. my poop is big .that is litle poop

  19. u suck from lili and sandra u suck love you

  20. i always have sinkers…..dam!

  21. I just wrapped my dick in my shit and jerked off

  22. yokkkk

  23. Interesting info. Doesn’t fat float though?

  24. I think it’s all crap.

  25. Those turds are not floating, they are just soo big they stick out of the water. Funny they almost look identical too. fake pic? lol idk

  26. without to be tragic why Isabelle Adjani couldn t drink a beer ? and if no body anderstand piss off this toilet !

  27. cool poop

  28. uhhh..i like poop too can you send it to me, ill be really happy if you do thanks 🙂

  29. After reading through the article, I feel that I really need more info. Could you share some more resources please?

  30. I’ve been on the run
    My shadow weighs a tonne
    It’s starting to make sense to me
    But I can’t really make you love me

  31. that’s sucks

  32. what a huge poop !!!!!


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  35. I think someone got their facts mixed.
    If the matter floats, it has a high fat concentration, if it sinks, it is higher in fiber and dense nutritious matter
    Think about the simple biology of it.
    Fat is a light, floating material–being as it weighs MUCH less than muscle.
    It would only make sense then that fecal matter that floats has a high fat content.
    You want it to sink folks, if it does then you know you are getting all the proper nutrients your body requires–one very important (dense) one, being fiber.

  36. OMG!!! My poop floats all the time!!! One time when i was a baby i found my dirty diaper and licked some poop bu it didn’t taste that bad!!! LOL!!! By the way this is a boy not a girl!!! Any tips on how to make my Jon get bigger? PLEASE REPLY!!!

  37. oh for fuck sakes, i type in a new password for my account, ‘mypenis’, and security says, ‘Not Long Enough’


  38. well that deep ends Sean

    on who makes your penis get bigger.

  39. some beautiful ‘Yaoi’ homo art for you all homophobes

  40. i AM gay

    what a cool idea, post a video of your coming out story

  41. a beautiful morning……..

    …..that’s just gross Sean!

  42. nice to see the natural at ease fun loving Self-Love Esteem building taking place in the world, thru fun experiential techniques like dancing

    Happiness is Infectious

  43. the flash mob thing is purely enthusiastic for both participants and those that happen apon them, where what is most pure about it, is the true spirit of the dancers that is above dancing as a job, that all you professional dancers already know, who love to dance as their authentic holy joyful absolute carefree true ‘real’ self set free from the stressor world, in their pure wise knowingness their spirit is evoking infectiousness for any and all, no matter age or any of the unwise divisional seperations barriers in the world, dance, just as the musical instruments of God, reaches purely to the heart mind body spirit and soul of God’s divine child eternal all YOU


    …..and already we are purely a reality of flawless knowingness feeling of our fun loving homo/hetero sexual self within……..i just want someone who wants 2 easily love me each day, the gentle surrendered feeling of no desire to be any particular place than where we both purely without doubt constantly always are within of what we know purely and truly matters……

    ……..BEing (with) the one you purely constantly truly love and r each blessed day you wake to, the bubbling of feelings that cum over you in the mornings, half awake, as the thought of their name enters your mind, that lifting inside bubbling overflowing happiness in knowing without doubt, they too feel the same way for you 2

    that is all i ask and pray of God to send me, who already i AM……..

    …..Someone Like YOU :mrgreen:

  45. all of who think this website is cool- you are all freaks! your staring and looking at poo! i would kick you guys right now if i could!

  46. really guys don’t stare at me, your wierd

  47. lol

    i always liked the upbeatness vibration of instrumentation in this classic song since way back when i first heard it….that has a good message to it as well for any youth out there in process.

  48. ya, i am weird(strange) to alot of people, and yet they sense purely within just as i am…they are 2

  49. They say Meth is ten times more potent than crack cocaine, and i see it to be true….

    my therapist says stay away from them, as they take abit you each time, the drug controls them, they do not control it…….at first it was the steal i noticed, in public places, then i notice money missing when my back was turned, and yesterday they broke into my house, my sanctuary, and took what they wanted, with no concern at all, for the trusting friendship i purely extended to them for so long…no concern for their self to eat, rest and exercise properly, the whole downward spiral of it, the physical that wanes more and more, that directly affects the mental emotional well being, the reaching self-medicating cycle pattern behaviours of manipulation, lying and stealing, wearing out their welcome everywhere, family members included, what to do when there is no discipline or desire for it?

    Meth takes over their mind, their life, and those around them……….not me any more, im done, not qualified in the first place, and if i was, i would not want the job no matter how much it pays…..they have programs of open doors, places to eat and stay, all free for them……

    anyway, my shit, not yours……….

    i feel my inner peace returning in setting proper boundaries now, for sake of me, i have to, for sake of the future of all who i shall come to love and purely know as i do my own self, self of eternal all, of those i can reach, beyond the mad flood drowning ignorances of death, destruction and oppression………and those i cannot, or at least it appears i do not, their own stuckness of cycle pattern behaviorals that gets really annoying when involved….a broken record, repetitive conversations of the same manipulative behaviorals day after day….argh……..

    im out, and i am staying out, from a distance as a passerby, the light that shines thru the darkness of all in attendance, on a mission of sorts, the spiritual sabatical of almost two years, wisely, without doubt, holy joyful absolute carefree happiness i purely am within, this i purely purely know and constantly feel in each step now, so incredible the purity of love that flows like it does, inspite of lacking zeal of others in all their weighed down whatevers, not recalling ever being this free before, other than like i did back in high school, only this time around i have the self-confident wise knowingness certainty priority i purely feel like i do all day long, of what is beyond all the riches of the worldly………

    sorry for starring………’re just so friggin hot to me, that’s all, and ‘that’ is a good thing, is it not?

    who i am :mrgreen:

    blessings to all

  50. wierd and strange i am……takes one to know ONE

  51. im kissing you, ok?

    in a pure way so incredible is the feeling, yes? :mrgreen:

    did you feel that this morning?

    mind blowing centering i had not felt before so pure, so real, i am

  52. just enjoy who you purely R

    at all times

    and if anyone pushes you out of that pure place, well, push back, i do

    my priority is the centering in purely constantly preferred priority in what that pure flawless healing feeling place is, easy to find while alone….no use to anyone until we do.

  53. do not deny your own divine self where others are concerned who may or may not be of your awareness priority knowingness certainty like we are, like we constantly always want to feel like we so purely purely do.

    only you can do this

  54. “Welcome To Wherever You Are”

    Maybe we’re different, but we’re still the same
    We all got the blood of Eden, running through our veins
    I know sometimes it’s hard for you to see
    You come between just who you are and who you wanna be

    If you feel alone, and lost and need a friend
    Remember every new beginning, is some beginning’s end

    Welcome to wherever you are
    This is your life, you made it this far
    Welcome, you gotta believe
    That right here right now, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be
    Welcome, to wherever you are

    When everybody’s in, and you’re left out
    And you feel your drowning, in a shadow of a doubt
    Everyones a miracle in their own way
    Just listen to yourself, not what other people say

    When it seems you’re lost, alone and feeling down
    Remember everybody’s different
    Just take a look around


    Be who you want to, be who you are
    Everyones a hero, everyones a star

    When you wanna give up, and your hearts about to break
    Remember that you’re perfect, God makes no mistakes


  55. remember that you are perfect

    God makes no mistakes

  56. except the occasional spelling mistake

  57. i cryed this morning when hearing on the radio, that 70% of the world’s most destitute poor…..are female.

    ya, maybe so, but far richer in authentic true pure of heart than males even appreciate or know….at least on the surface for alot of males and all their testosterone bravado walking testical……….lol

  58. did i just say that? ha

  59. somebody at work touched my arm ever so gracefully this morning, me wearing my rhinestone studded pink ed hardy belt, as i realized suddenly in my thick skull….omg, they have a crush on me!

    ya well, that may be all well and fine for how they feel inside about their own self acceptance in wanting to get with me, in wanting to get with any guy just for sex like they ALL DO!

    he is not my type, and at some dreaded point, someone has to tell him. I’ll still be sweet and true as i am, a true and faithful friend till the end, but sometimes you have to spell it out for them when they don’t pick up on the cues…….why i still wear a wedding band, that throws them, my business, no one elses.

    if i like you, and i want to sleep with you, trust me, you will know about it Biyatches! :mrgreen:

    when i like someone, i am forward in going after what i want with them, but there is more to a loving relationship than sex, like similar interests, similar preferredness priority level in groundedness centering, like spiritually in the same building is always a good place to start fuckers, and if i see you eyes all over them again, you are so outta hear Biyatch! YOU GOT THAT?


    mad ya laugh :mrgreen:

    hey, i think we would make a great team as fearless script writters, where i am not afraid of you, and you are not afraid of me, able to say whatever or whatever, knowing we truly do love and admire one another.

    ‘living authentically’ as your ‘real’ self is today’s phrase of the day

  60. why is it that i sense the ‘real’ you so purely like i do?

    or perhaps the question should be, “why is it i desire to sense the ‘real’ you so purely like i do?”

    is it the without doubt “i love you?”

    ya, i do, and it scares me how much, how purely i do want to always love you like i have for so long.

    and what of your desire to love me like you obviously do?

    you know, if we ever got together, they would not be able to put the flames out for years from our burning romance that would not end for decades to come.

    perhaps it is your solid stanza like my own, the centering groundedness…..

    perhaps you can tell me something you want to tell me?

    is there something you want to tell me?

  61. hear is a good question, “What of a lesbian do i identify myself so purely with like i do, in self awareness?”

  62. well, i suppose it is the female i am within a male body who knows what it’s like to BE female, able to love females like i do….oneness sameness.

    when it comes to truly knowing someone completely like your own self, the oneness sameness without doubt door opens wide for us, and that is what i feel with you.

    being authentic ‘real’ self is the objective, beyond all the hype, beyond all those who think they know us and don’t, just as they do not celebrate priority in being the pure authentic knowingness certainty of their own self held hostage by their own minds of whatever luring mind trap one may fall into, like so many do, in allowing themselves to get all caught up in the false hype luring, like the alcoholism and drug abuse crowd, all a lie, all a dangerous destructive lie, as the pictures of Brandon above reveal, the alcohol crowd was a lure that lead him/her into contact with the self-destruct ones he/she became a victim of.

    what early influences contributed to Brandon’s self-medicating copying?

    well, for sure the external homophobic world is a reality check we all know too well, that stems from the generational mad flood ignorances of the forefathers.

    you know, it really pisses me off…..obviously so……that these world leaders of church and state, do not take time to come fully into awareness of the psychological issue of homophobia as relates to 10% of the entire population of the world.

    such total apathetic disregard negligence as world leaders, acting as though they are all wise and such, not even realizing 100%, their shortsighted views are continued direct negligent cause for the yet highest rate of suicide of gay youths 15-24 year old age group.


    to me, they are all war criminals, of God’s war and the eternal wise light of divine self that pushes out all apathetic fearful dark ignorant illnesses of the heart yet of this unwise world still caught in death destruction and oppression of the eternal divine children of God.

    i mean, don’t these people know how to read?

    as in read the way God asks us to read, purely so, by means of slowing into grace of divine self who in feeling the words, the way our authentic divine self does?

    apparently not

    and what of these leaders and their dwindling followers?

    do they not know our society they supposedly want to protect is rising above their shortsightedness?

    i mean holy crap, how absurd is it to go against God’s design for us to be what is purely wholesome for us, sex?

    their own bodies hardwired for sex, in reproduction of their own divine self so loving like we are.

    it is as though they do not love themselves in reproducing themselves, is it not?

    clearly they do not love like we do, the misery in their eyes so obvious.

    one of the most healthy needs in life in maintaining our postive mental emotional spiritual physical sexual well being is sex, perfect in everyway according to God’s design.

    do they not realize their own ridicule of their own divine self the way our intellectual society clearly sees them as?

    you know what the problem is, these merchant’s of God approach is to passify us, a trickery of sorts, in what they are, merchant’s of God according to Jesus

    and me :mrgreen:

    and that is why they are still allow to practice in our society like they yet do

    new laws have pushed them back in openly calling homosexuals sinners, and now they are marching with us, no different than the corporate sponsors who want to advertise themselves……..

    i am not saying they are completely bad, as in all or none thinking and behaving, im just saying, they have to stop with their witch hunting burning at the stake like their historically did and yet do.

  63. did i just call the Pope a war criminal?

    i did

    i guess that about covers whether or not he and i will ever have dinner together one day, yes?

    ah well, he probably has a horriable diet anyway……

  64. and what of my spelling anyway?

    i was a math wiz kid, who dreaded reading anything not mathematical, scientific… know, interesting!

    well, that is until the gnostic books arrived in my hand….

  65. what is that music in Rosie’s video they posted?


    ONLY LOVE feels good enough to always feel, who you purely always R, loving.

    *gasp* ….i just noticed they have a share feature in the videos now!


  66. i don’t get the bug thing though…..

    i don’t mean to bug ya? :mrgreen:

    am i bugging you yet?

    wanna bug me? lol

    get it?

    oh never mine…………:mrgreen:

  67. google is great for my learning how to spell, it is like i have a teacher with me 24/7, asking me, Do you mean: Pacify

    Date: 15th century
    1 a : to allay the anger or agitation of : soothe b : appease, propitiate
    2 a : to restore to a tranquil state : settle
    b : to reduce to a submissive state : subdue

    ya, see, the church’s approach is to reduce to a submissive state, like a wise salesperson merchants of God they are.

    well, ok, they have some goodness, but they are behind society in embracing where we are intellectually, and the longer they stay behind on the road, the more their followers will continue to dwindle, although, admittedly, there are alot of passive submissive ones in our community………lol

  68. synonyms pacify, appease, placate, mollify, propitiate, conciliate mean to ease the anger or disturbance of. pacify suggests a soothing or calming . appease implies quieting insistent demands by making concessions . placate suggests changing resentment or bitterness to goodwill . mollify implies soothing hurt feelings or rising anger . propitiate implies averting anger or malevolence especially of a superior being . conciliate suggests ending an estrangement by persuasion, concession, or settling of differences .

  69. everyone of us is Precious

  70. we all follow our own light, to whatever degree of awareness that light may be, all of us connected with one another the world over, all connected past present future.

    we all constantly yearn to love and feel loved

    we all constantly are loved by Jesus, Mary and God, even if we are unaware of the oneness sameness spirit as our own.

    The kingdom of heaven wise perspective revolves around wisely awake constant awareness wholeness flawless pure healing exceeding inner grace feeling of our oneness sameness love devoid of doubt light of eternal day that is constantly always there within eternal all YOU, the greatest hidden treasure of value beyond all the riches of the worldly.

    Follow your own light you feel purely within, within us all

    forever more

    blessed is the flawless pure healing exceeding inner grace feeling of the divine child of God YOU

  71. I heard that floating poop means that likely it’s a cause of pancreus problems. Yikes.

  72. this song takes me back to my country boy feeling i yet am within

    country people are more sincere, more ‘real’ to me, on a consistent basis with one another, moment by passing moment every blessed day….so comfortable for me to be around, at ease, the grace…….real me

  73. following my own light on a new blog i just created…..

  74. oh great, starting over, a new life, hear in your bathroom, looking at your crap!

    fuck, what the fuck is wrong with me…..seriously! lol

    oh for fuck sakes, even my new icon is the same fucking color as your crap!

    argh…..i am so fucking OUTta hear!!! lol :mrgreen:

  75. i am everything one shall ever truly and purely want need think and feel! lol :mrgreen:


    i am

  76. M for massive crap hahhahah

  77. uhm, what’s it mean when it’s so buoyant that you have to flush more than once and sometimes let it soak up some water for a while? maybe it’s just the toilet, idk…

  78. Bonjour tout d’abord bravo pour votre site que j’ai parcouru avec plaisir. cet article a retenu tout mon attention car je le trouve bien r�dig� et tres int�ressant. d’habitude je ne commente pas les sites mais aujourd’hui je prends quelques instants pour le faire. Je vous contacterais pour faire un �change de lien avec mon propre site. En esp�rant vous lire bientot.

  79. OK that looks like the Ram car logo

  80. So you need privately made an effort to Rosalie Getaway, I actually worn out which means that rapidly.

  81. Oh my god

    I just found out who

    I am…

  82. shhhhhhhhhhhh!!……….

    shut the fuck up and get in line!

  83. When you turn around, and realize you are standing alone in life, no one there, maybe it is a good time to wake up and realize that no one actually wants to be your partner, your husband, your pride and joy, that maybe it really was just your imagination, which is ok, to dream…..2 dream

  84. just be sure they are dreaming the same dream as YOU 😉

  85. repeat after me……


    of the pure true emotionally honest feeling real divine YOU

    of the eternal all YOU

  86. ahaha……..the clowns are at it again 😉

  87. don’t be a bully …

    2 me

  88. why, because it all seems so contrived…

    & that was not part of my dream…

    so thats what hurts me the most

  89. peace be to you

    so what are you saying?

    that only love feels good enough for YOU?

    good enough for 2?

    good enough of oneness who?

    that’s right, good enough of and for Madonna!!!!!!

    at all times, where your heart is, there too shall be your treasure and your life

    at all times, what you turn towards, you become

    therefore, fearlessly turn towards nurturing true love, fearlessly turn towards protecting true self wisdom of our graceful true nature, fearlessly turn towards discerning intuitive emotional higher subtle intellect awareness compassion for those just like you in their paths no different than has seen your own, of what IS the mad flood forefather taboo ignorance(s) (yet) so binding, so unloving, so unwise, so fearful, so deathful, so destructive, so oppressive, so false of the asleep in ignorance divine child of the eternal all YOU

    hurry, do this quickly, before your own beloved are swept away in death, destruction and perpetuation of these oppressive ignorance(s) so without God’s love, like those of the merchant’s of God, claiming they know God, when they do not even care to know their own divine child of God within, cannot know, so long as all untruthfulness of their hypocrisy lying ass hearts runs amuk, blind leading the blind into death, destruction, oppression of who?

    their own SELF, do they not?

    fuck that, i am so over this world of taboo boring ass all you, hurting your own self, hurting your own beloved, STUPIDLY!!!!!!!……as the low self-love esteeming bullies so many of you yet are

    i wasn’t bullying you marco…..i was unbinding you, the real you, was i not?

    so is my love true or not?

    feels good to just be yourself, yes?

    the calm pure true flowing grace……mmmmmmm

    well, i am off to Paris, catch me later sometime after a show

    bless you all with only LOVE! (inscribed on the back of all the sacred works)

  90. IF your INTENT is sincere then, all your spoken/ written wise words are genuine & sincere ….

    Question is “IF”

    I’m not coming from a place of doubt

    I’m questioning your intent, not doubting your sincerity.

  91. Research material,

    Like a monkey in the zoo, surrounded by a cage, for someones amusement..

    Just don’t feed me peanuts, I’ve lost my appetite…

    I don’t hunger for it anymore…

    Sorry for that…

  92. that’s because you don’t know what God’s divine will objective is, as evident that you are not God’s divine will…….yet

    you lead only your own self away, not me; undiscerning of what you say

    well, perhaps it is time that God can deal with you, rather than me

    i know my mission, cast 100 stones into the eternal future, for sake of all LGBTQ of all eternity

    so whatever, you bore me

    purely constructive criticism

  93. luke warm…….no thanks, i am so done with all who are luke warm boring

  94. which is ok, darkness serves the divine child……oh sorry, darkness serves the discerning wise loving compassionate divine child’s kingdom of heaven nurturing protecting halo perspective awareness, unknowingly, of the all yet asleep and bound in the mad flood drowning ignorance of their own pure powerful true spiritual BEing 😉




  95. your so not spiritual .,….

    thats why, I leave… that’s why i was hesitant

    your energy is darkness

    i have felt it since the cab ride

    your darkness, makes me feel heavy

    you judge yourself


  96. call me boring, why because i did not appease your ego ..

    which is how you survive … your ego the tool you use to cover up your immense insecurity, fatal insecurity …

    you cannot even acknowledge me … unless it suits your ego …

    think about it…

  97. you know what is ironic, on the Apollo 20 mission when NASA went to find the abandoned spaceship that traversed space millions of years ago and crashed on the moon …

    there were two pilots in the ancient space craft , ex inca .. and the female survived the male pilot perished … interesting history of the world the ancient world …

  98. Think about the. Real victims in this Greek tragedy ..

    The children.. God bless
    Them …

    How embarrass

  99. Lol I was thinking next of kin, not while your still around…

    No way there….

    I could.nt possibly

    I mean your ego & all … Nup it ain’t for ME

  100. It’s just a swing to the left, then a step to the right…

    Swing those hips now 🙂

  101. ya ok, whatever marco, go enjoy your bottle of dysfunctional boring ass whatever, as per usual, you are so predictable in your cycle pattern

    i have no concern whatsoever of what you have to say any more, and so i hand you over to God

    im tired of your attacks, one minute you are real, the next you are attacking me in passive aggressive short sentences whatever shit you want to say fractured nothing brush strokes in thin air, turn to dust, pffffff, your gone

  102. it is safe to say that when a relationship predominately becomes useless futile annoying passive aggressive emotional abreaction cycle pattern going nowhere unassertive berating back and forth, over and over, and seemingly nothing more than shithead ego maniacing, without the tender pure true constant flow loving authentic, sincere, genuine emotional honest loving kindness, not stifled by your SHITHEAD fear mongering control freaker that cannot even jerk me off properly……..well…’s annoying

    im done with lukewarm, you wanna sit there all the time being luke warm, go ahead, im moving on to the greatness of constant true flowing graceful loving holy joyful absolute carefree lover happiness………married

    the only true married souls in this world, are the ones who are spiritually constantly wisely married as only love of all souls

    and you call me blackness, you enjoy being the annoying bully, you always have, and i tolerated it, but no more, you can fuck off and die now, i don’t care what happens to you at all, that’s how annoying you are to my soul, always your insecure attacking judgement as though you know God, as though you know Jesus, as though you know me, when you don’t even care to know your own self?


    so annoying

  103. truly, the only way to stop the useless absurd need for passive aggressive cycle pattern shit……..stop participating

  104. so backbite away to your hypocrisy heart’s insatiable fire desires content, impossible for you to ever find me, so long as you turn towards your viperous shortsighted spiritually murderous ways of what is all your untruthful lacking atonement, atonement with wretched twisting and twisting derangement delight of your own soul, not mine, eternally protected by God’s wise discerning nurturing halo, of which none of your bitter gnashing of teeth is ever able to penetrate, which you are obviously clueless about, of no desire for such, of what is the oneness wisdom of all the angels, as my own

    go then, be gone from my sight for all eternity, in likeness and form as murderous those of Jesus and his beloved, for not even God can teach any of you who’s desire is to ridicule and mock someone you do not know, because you do not truly desire to know……….your own self

    truly, you annoy me with your empty zeal, as evident that you think the things i speak of are as though nothing, when in truth, is of sacred eternal oneness love unity of the divine self of the eternal all, where you desire only to mock, to ridicule, to blaspheme, to trip, to belittle, to discourage, to condescend, not just of my wisdom……………GOD’s WISDOM!

    go then, be the fool you take such delight in being, eternally away from me, for i wish not to bare the sight of you again

  105. fucking jerk offs, always the same inability to establish any semblance of trust

    trust this……….FUCK OFF!

  106. you gave me nothing to acknowledge……

    what i learned to count on from you, was to learn not to count on you

    you are a bully, you pretend trust, then you strip it away, and you do it all the time

    i think it is safe to say you can move on to your next unsuspecting soul as the bully you are, still, all useless negativity serves me well as the spur you were

    i pray your next victims also realize quickly how much of a jerk you are and move on……

    i ask, how can you ever know true and faithful trust of Jesus, being such an asshole like that? uhm?

    you know, i realize, it’s not just me you annoy, you annoy your own self

    and for what intent? to impress Madonna? pffffffffff do you honestly think if you cannot get past me that she would have anything to do with you?


    fucking clowns……..argh………copy and paste a few lame ass words and suddenly they think Madonna has……..oh im sorry, they don’t think, that’s what the problem is! They truly are their own worse enemies Jesus! Thank you!


  107. the last person I need too, or desire too impress is Madonna…

    you know why…

    Madonna is just a artistic expression of Life …

    a well deserved hard worked expression of wonderful light and joy..

    but nah it’s just a personified illusion of a very hard working and dedicated ambitious and creative young little soul called Miss m Louise Cicconne….

    ask me if i’d love to meet that little child soul and i’d say a definitive YES….

    ask me if i’d want to meet Madonna and i’d say a definitive…
    MAYBE .. ( ha ha 🙂 )

    NO !!!

  108. NO NO NO

  109. I know a better way to balance passive / agressive

    Without contest



    Sorry . Ment to



  110. i really should do Madonna……no pun intended 😉

  111. Please send me some of your poo am ravishingly hungry.

  112. beautiful, just beautiful

  113. This post is entirely incorrect. Floating stool means you have too much FAT in your diet, not that you are eating healthy in the least bit. Healthy poo is light in color but sinks slowly. Shit that floats has got to go. Tale it from a trained Whole Foods employee.

  114. OMG How is it humanly possible to have a poop shaped like that. It looks just like one of those Rams you see in those horror movies where they worship the devil. Lol

  115. This may be true, but your poop can also float due to malabsorption of fat. My GI doctor told me this and prescribed Creon, a liver enzyme that helps digest fat.

  116. Every weekend i used to go to see this web page, because i wish for enjoyment, since this this web page conations truly fastidious funny information too.

  117. This piece of writing is genuinely a nice one it assists new web users, who are wishing in favor of blogging.

  118. We should eat foods that are high in fibre as studies say the help in food digestion

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