Buy Mr. Ritchie’s Book

I can’t believe this book is only number 165,606 at! What has the world come to?

Patience is the virtue of the gamekeeper. Waiting for the right moment to strike anything that threatens the balance between man and nature. He is nature’s remedy to man’s disease. Brock lives a quiet existence as Gamekeeper on a secluded Scottish estate, until paramilitary mercenaries storm the estate and kill Jonah Morgan – the owner and Brock’s friend. Now, Brock faces his dark past and the events he had sworn he’d forget. Obliged to avenge Jonah’s death, Brock must leave his tranquil life and journey deep into an unfamiliar, urban underworld. But as he gets pulled in deeper, it’s difficult to tell who has more power, Brock, the man, or the animal within.

 Click here to check it out or you’ll get a spanky.


6 Responses

  1. I’ll take the spanky…please! ;D 😀

  2. i mostly read anne lamont poetry and i read alot of self help books alot of biography and bibliography
    howvev, my husband loves these types of books so we will get it ok
    must be very heartbreaking that ur husband doesnt get the notarity as u even being ur wife that sucks
    his ego etc
    however, he will shine in his own light
    atleast, he is working

    by the way, did u hear the comment sean penn said about u
    that was true i am sure
    but i dont feel it was necessary
    to bring up old shit
    sounded to me that he deep inside is sorry
    i know he will always have a spot in his heart for you i am sure who wouldnt

  3. i wish him a whole lot of mazal

  4. another thing i read about courtney love
    i believe in my gut is that u never ever gave her the time and day
    i know from some sources she sent u a ton of shit to be friendlier to u
    and now she is saying u are a calculated bus. woman who sings songs with no heart more or less
    what a jealous bitch
    she even got face surgery to look like u
    she is a wacked out obsessed person
    who is jealous
    my g-d
    she needs to go on ur dart board
    omg madonna
    u must read what she said
    she is sosoooooooooo jealous obviously

    ur music can never ever ever be compared to her or her band hole who is that?
    and how many albums has she sold
    i feel sorry for francis that is about all

  5. I think Guy is fantastic as a director, for start. I haven’t bought the book yet but I am going to.
    Guy is a league on his own and what is fantastic about him is that he seems not to give a …. about it. Your husband is sooooo cool.

  6. i don’t like his nose!you so clever!thats why i’m in love with you cause you have the best nose in da world!!!

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