The Queen’s Chichewa: Khama


4 Responses

  1. of course…bu bu du du !!

  2. I can relate to the word persist, in a way that I learned this week, regarding hypocrisy.

    I was feeling the effects of hypocrisy this week, but not like the way it used to make me feel.

    Instead it was more of embracing who the true self is, that is loving, and not hypocritical, a knowingness that our true self is not like the hypocritic heart.

    A feeling of complete seperation from such individuals, where instead of bitterness towards them, a truthfulness of compassion is felt, for the one’s who dwell in blindness of the loving light, prefering mean spirited laughter of hypocrisy to black and wretched, hoping to make you feel fucked up.

    Why concern ourselves with those who do not know our loving heart, nor desire to know. It is a waste of our precious time to even think of the things they say or do.

    This wisdom is my inner strength, that is beyond their current comprehension, of level of thinking that many chose to dwell in, knowing how long I have studied.

    Compassion replaces insult and injury, turning darkness into light within our loving hearts.

    Love, Andy

  3. with Pedro…

  4. how did you say imidiatelly….???i want Madonna Now!!!


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