I hope you all will still enjoy reading my blog here. I will try to make it as entertaining as my original blog! It’s going to be fun starting over here! I will keep the same features as before, but please have patience with me while I transition to this software!


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  1. Hi Madonna. Good to hear. Thank you.


  2. Hey Madame Ritchie.
    We need to adjust to this little problem. Life is about adjustment, so, pas de problème on my part.

    Any hopes of releasing one single before March? No pressure, just a question.

    The album will be ready when it is ready. The movie project on Malawi is very relevant, so be proud.

    Respecteusement, Linda

  3. ockey dockey

  4. Hi! Glad you’re back. I was hoping you would consider not putting up the pornographic images. I think you had a reason for it (though I didn’t get it), but it means I can’t get on if my kids are around. Thanks. All the Good, Karen

  5. thanks

  6. Louise i got you there. Gotcha !

  7. Have A Great Year!! I wish You the best !! You and family ,, I miss to see you in Zohar class in LA and Ofcourse I miss Eitan 🙂 Adolfo Im glad the you went to india Im going in september Im taking yoga W. Garmuk is great !! very Spiritual

  8. You see, I wait and wait…

    Someone’s looking for me – I hope it’s not the cops(lol). Layers sending me a letter or something. Maybe somebody died that wouldn’t talk to me anymore or …maybe it’s good news for a change.

    Do you even read this?


  10. c’è posto per una fan taliana????


    You think it was you’re destiny and that that gives you you’re place but it was in your heart from the beggining as it was in mine. You cannot hide now for what is in you is my father’s and my father is my son…

    Read on and lie to yourself – LOVE THE MOTHER and my mother will send you to hell… GLADLY.

  12. WHAT IF …
    you haven`t reached your first target- changed from dance into music and wouldn`t have had the chance to convince the music industry…?
    QJ Pilardio

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