Confessions on a Dartboard – Version 2.0


As I’ve told you before, when someone insults me, I add their picture to a dartboard, and have a blast playing darts with my family. It includes Joni Mitchell (She said “Madonna has knocked the importance of talent out of the arena. She’s manufactured. She’s made a lot of money and become the biggest star in the world by hiring the right people.”), the horse who threw me, Paul McCartney (he said he can’t stand my music), Alison Goldfrapp (She said I steal other people’s creativity despite the fact that I have been a champion for her music!), Sharon Osbourne (She said I looked like an old hooker, among other things), Elton John (He said I lip-synch in concert), Boy George (He said if I was a drag queen I would be called Ruth Less among other things), Gwen Ste-Phoney (Just because she copied my style and keeps sending me fashion monstrosities),Whitney Houston (Slammed me for doing commercials when she did some herself!), Mooriah Scarey (She said “I really haven’t paid attention to Madonna since like 7th or 8th grade when she used to be popular.” She also constantly lies about being the best selling female artist when she knows that it’s really me!) Noel Gallagher (because he said my new cd sounds 20 years out-of-date. He said, “She ran of out ideas some time back. It’s all so 80s now.” I don’t understand why he would say such a thing….I mean didn’t he basically make it by trying to sound like the Beatles?)

Update: I have now added Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears (He tries to make it sound like I want to work with him and he’d rather work with Kylie. My response: If I wanted to sound like an Elton John cover band, I’d work with Elton himself! Thanks but no thanks! I put his photo at an appropriate spot on the dartboard!

Feel free to click on the dartboard to enlarge it and print it for your own use! Darts not included. You’re on your own there!



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  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. It´s all about envy…these people are all green of envy of you! I can´t print the dartboard but it´s the intention that counts. You´re a REAL STAR! xox

  3. Hi,
    So, let’s chat! How are you?

  4. It still surprises me when I hear seemingly intelligent people that I have some degree of respect for, lash- out publicly in such a hateful way towards another artist. Let me just run through a few of the ones that really dissapointed me and frankly pissed me off (I’m one of those queens in his late 30’s that’s a little protective of THE Queen).
    Elton John: I grew up in my bedroom with the door locked, curtains drawn, with the BIG-ASS early 80’s video cam-corder sitting on my dresser, taping me singing every song from Elton John and James Taylor’s (and Aaron Neville) “greatest hits” into the mirror in the most dramatic and heart-felt way. This ritual was part of my survival. It was all very young and tragic and over-dramatic the way teen-agers can be. Fast forward to Elton John lashing out at The Queen. Publicly attacking her credibility. I’ve seen The Queen in concert 4 times and she sang her heart out every time. (I know lip-syncing). I’m sure their are moments on a tour where lip-syncing is necessary for whatever reason. You’d think Ms. Bitchy-thang would understand this and be mature enough to not be so irresponsible with his nasty words. If someone attacked Elton John in the same way, the world would shift off it’s axis because he would absolutely fall apart……..Bitch Please. He would spin off into a tizzy that would last for years.
    I would love to disect the rest of your dart-board, I really really would but I don’t have the time. I wanted to comment on Elton John because he stood out above them all (to me), as the biggest dissapointment.
    Moral of the story: People that publicly attack other artists for no reason other than to just be hateful are crazy. Plain and simple. Crazy. (and unhappy, of course).

  5. it’s SOoooooo funny … LOL :))))))))))))))))

  6. People are bullies, no matter where you go. Always be sure to not be one yourself. I think I would have shaved my head by now if I was in that intense industry.

    In all honesty…you may not be thee best singer or thee best actress, but you have a talent and your rich because of it and it PISSES THEM OFF. Elton should just shut up. He’s made a lot of money wearing stupid glasses and playing piano. Good on him. I like Joni’s music but I don’t want to wipe my butt with leaves until I am stuck in the wilderness and HAVE TO! I’ve never like M. Scary she makes dogs bark with her high pitched irriation. I don’t find that the least bit talented. I find it only belongs in the guiness book of world records and that’s it. And I’m surprised someone phoney would say anything at all. I’m surprised by that one. Anyhoozers….

  7. I really don`t pay attention to any of these. But a friends of mine used to like some of Mariah`s songs, and, damn, I can`t stand her. 😐

  8. No te tiene que importar lo que digan ellos se que es dificil ignorarlos pero no le prestes atención, tal vez es envidia lo que los mueve a realizar esos comentarios.
    All the best

  9. Um……………..i’ll write this assuming a fine difficult acting roll.this e-mail will go to madonna and her crew.laugh all you want in malaysa where they make these bootlegg star chick blogs.M and crew too….heeee…hahaha.hey know ez got a hierophant stage…..ugly eh? humorlessly judgementlal of one self and others.i hurd thats true for priestesses to,.don’t know that.listen;this might make sense and wind up well worth the intended reader readin it.its hard to write personally france there is a vietnamese mahayanist monk.he said things that moved me one,assurance no road to forgiveness and compassion can be foud………..compassion and kindness is the road.your right madonna.odds tell me who cares you think……c something very traumatic happened to those kids at that time.allow me to be a bore quick.robert hunter expresses well the assumptions vrs the reality of what would result out of thier day so very long ago.and by december of 69 it was gone and dead just about.the words to new speedway boogie is about altamont raceway and the pardox of rock fame ……….convoluted,sorry, I was wondering if you would not be too terribly angry if i had the audasity to remotely express the opinion that take joni off of there.say to yourself that you love her and forgive her every time you throw a good dart at agood board.nows not the time.true ,you are a brilliant aesthete and performer….great visual artist with a money making ear(mostly).joni is just a farm girl hippy musician from mostly the country.have you not realized life for the hippy starz of that era (laura nero for example) had the same seeds of destruction contained within thier own orginal seed self .if i ever felt these emails were actualy being culled and read i would have acted in the harmonizing accord.i still don’tknow .i wish to explain why it is not you joni is angry with and i am sure you can b perfectly sympatico with others esspecially seeing how things were going down emotionaly at the time in an easily provable and sourced way.our worst ire is often to those who may remind us of something within we have left uncomfortably un-acknowledged..i know you know all this,joni created a space for ms hinds and yourself.her husband charles mingus was a crazy motzart. most any ear can hear.perhaps money has simply prevented you iro seeing the corporate control AS HISTORICAL TRADYGY.MOST PEOPLE STILL LIVE AS INDENTURED SERVENTS.joni is fron an old school backwater.her eloquence in interview helped me through some percieved troubles.i don’t like all her music.i grew up with it and it called me to the geetar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hello not are things in malaysa? why you occupyers of east timor you…….,,,,aeeey why i awta……………..if your an atheist ask yourself why the world doesn’t just go in to burma and ignore the phony gov there. WHAT A SPINE LESS GENERATION CONTROLS THE PANNE’ ET CIRCUEM HERE OR WHEREVER ROME STILL RULES.

  10. lmao; Madonna has found a constructive and diplomatic way to target her enemies and strike back w/o being as tacky as they to speak so horribly about someone they barely know – I’m with you on Mariah..after Emotions (which kind of reminded me of an annoying alarm clock going off in the morning that all you want to do is slam) I quit paying attention to her altogether; Long Live The Queen Madonna!! ;-P

  11. Hahahaha…
    I really had a great time reading this…
    Moira Scarey !!!!! Ur wright… but in the end…
    does it really matter…

    You will be inspirefull !! Wait untill they see your next show

  12. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! look at the comment i made several comments back.THAT’S THE WORST WRITTEN POST I HAVE EVER WRITTEN.SO VERY SORRY TO WHOMEVER THIS MAY B RED BAYEE.WOW,NO SENSE AT ALL,STILL,SURE SHOWS HOW MUCH I IMPROVED.MADONNA?Here? many bouts of doubt about it,not the least of which madonna stating the opposite on national television.In2000-01 she said she makes her music and lets the chips fall where they may paying no attention to negative Remarque.She looks right at matt louwer and does not blink.Man,what a messed up posting I made here.Do you think maybe you might c yourway clear to editing or deleting it pretty please…………I’ll stop smoking cigarettes as a matter of fact.I need some facts too to make sure I am not being duped before I do butBY GOLLY GEE WIZZ I WILL!!!!!!!

  13. lol, hahhaa, you’re so smart Louise! that post is perfect.

    I want read one of your poeme!!!!!!!! When a book!

    Kisses from Argentina!

  14. Ha, ha!!!
    This is so fuckin’ funny!
    I just hope we’ll have Madonna 4ever…
    She’s such an inspiration!
    Man, she thinks, she rocks, she moves, she shakes, she sings, she has children, etc., etc., etc., etc, etc., etc. She does everything! She’s truly a warrior!
    She has 2 B closer 2 God than most of us are…
    Love U Madonna!
    Kisses from Cuba.

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  18. Thats funny, I want one 🙂

  19. ++


    they say dynamically that the lessor overwhelming emotion intensity of anger of is a manifestation of deeper more overwhelming emotional intensity of unresolved unhealed hurtful past and present issues, because the lessor emotional intensity of our anger emotion is easier to deal with than the deep seated more overwhelming underlaying sadness emotion, of what ever life experience is of our sadness hurtful past and present, where the sadness emotion is the same emotion for all hurtful unresolved unhealed stuff, which is why people feel as though a double impact falling apart mental break down like they do during traumatic life experiences, such as the loss of a loved one, of mirroring emotional sadness that recalls every single past and present unhealed unresolved issues at the same time, of a double whamy mental breakdown experience, which is healthy and necessary healing that we all have to take time out to process thru, leaving us more purely centered in who we always have been and yet R.

    for sure, i know this all too well, of many life experiences that saw me time and again having mental breakdowns that go back to childhood.

    When we don’t properly heal sufficient enough of all these past issues, which is not to say we heal in one day, rather over several years, ideally with the assistance of a professional team of therapists in safe and supportive environments one may not find else where in our inner circles as healthy to the extent one can and does with a professional team, left unchecked and unresolved, we are left with the contending with what are all the potential problematic manifesting surface behaviorals, that can and do last a life time when left unchecked, unhealed.

    Catharsis (Ancient Greek: Κάθαρσις) is a Greek word meaning “purification”, “purging”, “cleansing” or “clarification.” It is derived from the infinitive verb of Ancient Greek: καθαίρειν transliterated as kathairein “to purify, purge,” and adjective Ancient Greek: καθαρός katharos “pure or clean.”

    we are all in process growing of the light we all come from, at all times, of every soul past present eternal future bound together as one in affect/effect/direct/indirect extrinsic resulting intrinsic forces however subtle, however impactful, at all times is the constant subconscious divine self purely of remembering everything in what is of our constant catharsis processing, asleep or awake.

    an easy way to fully comprehend realize the light we all are of that we come from, without religious whatever, is to look within the human body at the constant harmoniousness of cells working together in unity as one entity without useless need of argument, such as is found in our chaos world of the yet generational falsehoods of ignorances handed down thru mellenia to every one of us sadly of today, sadly of tomorrow, where “We can only change tomorrow today, in BEing the change we wish to see” ~ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi(and ‘me’ 😉

    It is absurd to think any one of us, past present future, are any of these useless false combative desiring needless unwise generational confrontations of so much annoying catharsis processes generations apon generations continue to evolve out of so slowly, of so much unnecessary death destruction and oppression, when the obvious TRUTH is right there within us all to easily realize 100% without doubt, in the core of our BEing, is the life experience of our infancy while yet in the womb for nine months, purely of what is the constant pure harmoniousness without any discord whatsoever, where in life experience, we do realize our flawless (discerning) feeling ability of all false discord anywhere we reflectively look apon in life, in what is the constant intuitive ability trueness aspect of divine self of eternal all one generation past present future, even if we are not of wisdom descerning articulation in being able to make sense of manifesting behaviourals that are connected with the entire life experience of a person’s life past, inclusive of all those before us of what is all of the extrinsic resulting intrinsic forces we all wade thru our entire life experience with one another, that most do not realize fully is of entire past generational handed down thru mellenia, and yet, we are all of the natural occuring intuitive (descerning) feeling ability like we all constantly do at all times.

    All these egocentricities in the world past present future, we know it is all falsehood manifestation of what is our constant ongoing one generation catharsis process into the light from which we all came from, in what is the ushering(however slowly) of the kingdom of heaven LOVE devoid of doubtful unwise distracting away from trueness aspects of the divine self of eternal all YOU

    100% at all times, within the core of the divine self of eternal all, is the primal innate core life experience of pure harmonious constant knowingness intuitive certainty trueness aspect of flawless (healing) feeling catharsis processing of harmony vs discord (discerning) ability, in what is the constant intuitive catharsis process of one eternal generation of eternal all YOU, no matter what anyone may foolishly think or argue against this constant pure TRUTH, just as we know is the TRUTH of the harmoniousness of every primal beginning cell in human body, same as the beginning thru all eternal end.

    my biggest pet peeve, is our dying, of all of us entering into this realm of existence the same way, only to all leave a short time later, all the while of not a single person knowing, “What is this realm of existence we all experience for a short while, all of us just passing thru?”

    another oversight i think we all overlook, is that we do feel as though eternal, and i question that as to why? Why do we all feel eternal? Is this realm an eternal place of no beginning and no end? We don’t know. And that pisses me off, to no end, i really really dread not knowing what this place is God! :mrgreen:

    hey, who wants to make babies with ‘me’?

    any volunteers?

    i am accepting all applicants at this time!

    that is another pet peeve of mine, that so may of the LGBT community go around in a sorta denial that they do not want to have children of their own, where i feel that it is primal innate in everyone’s brain that we are of primal hard wiring in natural occuring primal expectations to be surrounded by our offspring who are of the natural shining radiant brilliant bright light we all come from, naturally so of those closer in time in enter into this realm from the light within the primal eternal human being, yes?

    im sorry, i did not catch that last question?

    i need to get out more?

    ya, ok, perhaps i do, and i will, just thought i would drop by and share abit more of my ongoing research from the sanctuary of meditative study…..

    well ok, ya, i want to give birth to my own children one day, and anyone who says they do not, to me is falsely against their primal innate beginning brain that is hard wired to reproduce one’s own self……must feel incredible to see your own child for the first time, yes?

    always wondered about that……….

    apart of me does relate to Jesus saying of an evolved awareness level threshold that one does traverse as i have, where one concludes in not bringing a child into this yet unwise world, which i do feel purely so, ya, i would dread my child get so fucked up by this world as is evident of just how fucked up so many of you are……..


    oh come on………you know i always just speak 100% truth

    ya i know, many there are who cannot handle the truth, or handle ‘me’ for that matter………i do have some truly dear pure loving friends in life, praying i still have YOU in purity of love and faith………….i am merely a student of God, till my last breath, i do however want to say what i feel is my discovery of the kingdom of heaven meditative macro thinking feeling halo perspective conducive environment that does 100% purely awaken nurture and protect the divine child within us all from all the false absurd extrinsic resulting intrinsic forces of death destruction and oppression (yet) of this OBVIOUSLY FUCKEDUP WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

    you miss ‘me’?

    ok, a question of God, “why do i want to trust YOU 100% like i constantly do?”

    becareful with this question, as it has to do with entering fully into the kingdom of heaven……..take your time and let ‘me’ know someday……..over the rainbow, way up high……..[andyy twirls around, his holy truth sword coming about in squarely pointing directly at someone purely in observing, as though andyy knows everything there is to know of the one who is there……..]

    so do i get a kiss today?

    i miss you

    and i know you know i always do

    same as YOU

    i am

    oh, there is something i descovered about myself……will share it with you another time………

    don’t cha just love soap operas?

    truthfully, i dread soap operas with a passion……..argh!!!!!!

    it’s like watching people fuck in porn when you could be fucking instead, such a waste of precious time!!!!!!!!

    made ya laugh :mrgreen:

    i am ‘real’ sad at times
    i am ‘real’ happy at times
    but i try not to be angry, in awareness it is yet another false untrue waste of time
    ya sure, i may despise whatever generational binding falseness may be of another, but here is the thing, i know the divine child of God ‘me’ within my own self…without doubt….and so likewise i know the divine child of God within eternal all YOU, do i not?

    purely so…..constantly……i am…….same as eternal all YOU

    forever more

    peace be to you
    and peace be to you

    bless you all

    i love this video, that has a beautiful pure feeling of gay history of precious loving gay life of two gay guys who overcame their internal homophobia in constant desire of loving one another in each passing moment, like they so obviously R, of blessed tears so easy for any of us to cry like we do…..well ok, i am such a sap, i know, same as you


  20. i love things we create that are of precision, anything mechanical, any musical instrument, the more precisely built it is with quality materials, the more i love it, likely of primal intuitiveness in likeness and form of the precision of our own bodies, yes?

    i mean look at our brain sex, where timing is everything, yes?

    well ok, i can teach this WELL sometime if you want to learn……..and there is no denying one’s natural curiousity to learn, especially when it comes to divne self……wow, you would not believe the threshold i came across lately…… out there!…… such a pure way devoid of all the annoying falsehoods……..

  21. i love sensitive homoerotic ‘real’ love imagery

    i despise all falseness of porn that leads away from purity love flawless healing ‘real’ feelings, although i suppose it does serve in overcoming internal homophobia within, and yet all porn is what it is, false acting, i mean how can someone take their clothes off for sake of making money, is that not completely an avoidance of ‘real’ life sensibility that has nothing to do with money, i mean a person can easily survive on so little, and when it comes to having to measure up to those of status quo fucktardness, well, since when is that ever someone loving my sweet ass morning noon and nite? huh? i can’t hear you! lol :mrgreen:

    at some point we all wake up fully and realize, oh, they must constantly love ‘me’, that’s what i’ve been trying to figure OUT, i need to feel i am loved, and i need to feel loving of another, utterly and completely 100%, purity love, like the purity love so incredibly pure of our beautiful orgasmic explosive uniting in sex.

    oh, ok, so somebody love ‘me’ damn it! NOW!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    you there!…..uhm……’s really not fair to others of you butting in line in front of others…….ok, just thought i would clarify in letting you know what you should know what i know you all already know when it cums to ‘me’ :mrgreen:

    hey, do you think Jesus had purity love homoerotic feelings for other cute guys like Jesus?

    hmmmm…….i KNOW s/he did!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    same way i KNOW

    in what i am

    the TRUTH motherfuckers! lol

    im not bitter……..just frustrated……wait………is that the same thing? Let’s see, cute queen arrives in ghetto, cute queen attempts to steal boyfriends, cute queen gets a better rep and they all turn against her, cute queen realizes they are all friends long before s/he arrived, and s/he is now fucked in ability to get with anyone, cute queen becomes frustrated after six months, cut queen becomes bitter, cute queen discovers makeup, wigs, fierce outfits, and just how friggin perfect her/his hot ass really really is, and if any more of you anal retentive fucktards says one more god damned patronizing lip service waste my motherfucking time with ‘me’ again, i am so going to………going to………going to run away to another city fuckers, with your god damned boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :mrgreen:

    a moment in the day and life of Andyy…………. haha

    made ya smile

    smile damn it!

    what’s wrong?

    you’re sad too?

    well, ya! duh!

    so how about stop sulking around and send me some god damne flowers this time around, huh?

    just because you feel like it!

    and send Alex a truck load of roses too, just don’t tell him who they are from…..let him wonder about it for years………i just want to cheer him up, a secret admirer…..that’s all….i adore him, mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually……kinda reminds me of Troy, seems like he is a preme baby like Troy was……

    bless you

  22. Troy was exquisitely beautiful like Alex, a femboy

  23. ++

    only love is all the divine self of anyone constantly yearns to always feel and BE of divine TRUTH i purely constantly always know at all times of eternal all YOU forever more

    bless bless bless blessed YOU


  24. i have a question……

    how about BEing a ‘real’ life friend with ‘me’ someday, and toss this bullshit blog that has contrvingly annoyed ‘me’ for so long now?

    afraid you might BE happier around ‘me’?

    oh, i see………..2

  25. ok, i confess……..i can’t seem to stop thinking of what i feel purely for YOU of what could of and should of BEen……..there, i said it BE4 YOU! :mrgreen:

  26. here is what i do know…….

    already, i am the happier evolved YOU of potential thriving happiness, and i know this without doubt that i am, where it is YOU who thinks…..insecurely……that i would not BE happy with YOU……..BEyond anyone else in life……….if you must know, i know i would BE……..what i already am for so longgggg now.

    i mean think about it, how many males are as evolved in their fun loving sexuality as much as i am at my age, considering how many years i lived as a homosexual, all the while knowing i was bisexual, all the while waiting on this god damned world to finally catch up with ‘me’ in fun loving fearlessly just constantly love me me me me me me meeeeeeeeeeeee?


  27. i thought this thru, and i purely feel the holding back is mostly to do with your stuckness, not mine…… you not realize 100% how god damned happy we would always always always constantly BE?

    i already am ‘that’, am i not?

    your loss, not mine

    i honestly thought you were more fearless, more evolved like i know i am, more in tune with constant purity love as i am, which i know you are, however afraid you may yet be holding back in just BEing YOU.


    have it whatever way you want

    still, you did not give us ample opportunity in ‘real’ life with one another to discover the truth or not with one another, and there is nothing you can every say the rest of your life that can ever falsify this…..foolishly if you do!

    clearly i am not a fool, am i?

    do i speak like a fool?

    do i act like a fool?

    don’t answer that……..fool! lol :mrgreen:

    fools in love?

  28. fools in love?

    fun loving fools in love……..ya ok, i am

    and what pisses me off most is that you know i am

    someone said to me i deserve better

    i said, you don’t her like she knows i constantly do, as a true and faithful friend till the end of all eternity if that’s how long i have to chase her, and she knows it! lol :mrgreen:

  29. and the other thing for me, is how do you stand living in the hetero world?

    argh!!!!!!!!!! lol :mrgreen:

  30. well ok…….i’ll leave the door open……..for how ever longgggg it takes for you to WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    can you see it, me screaming at you every morning, “WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!”

    as you jump out of your skin, as though a bad dream, and then the bubbling purity love feelings flowing in suddenly, your heart fluttering in half asleepness coming fully awake as you realize you really did marry Andyy like you always dreamed of one day you would?


    oh hey, that’s a good one! best one so far, yes? :mrgreen:

  31. oh, and another thing…if you say anything derogatory false, i may not speak to you ever again………fair warning



    only love is all the divine self of anyone constantly yearns to always feel and BE of divine TRUTH i purely constantly always know at all times of eternal all YOU forever more

    bless bless bless blessed YOU


    and anything outside of this divine purity constant TRUTH obviously false in derogatory feeling, well, it is what it is, false egotism…..i’d rather you said nothing at all, than something not true, in letting go peacefully in keeping our pure friendship door open as i do………well, you said chase you, so i did, so you can stop running anytime you FEEL like fucking ‘me’!


    gotcha again! lol :mrgreen:

  32. uhm…..what’s this about?

    have not followed thru on it all (yet)……….hmmm….spooky stuff……boardline satanic.

    he, did you know satan is a moron? A complete imbosol, who things he has powers and has none, and does not realize….this is what’s amazingly difficult to believe…….is that satan does realize he has no power whatsoever, and does not realize how friggin annoying he is in all his short-temper tantrum fuckedup clueless imbosol sooooooo annoying ways? I said to satan, “Satan, you have no powers over whatsoever over ‘me’, i bow to no one but Jesus and God, so please go away and STOP ANNOYING ‘ME’!!!!!!!!! argh, what is it with these morons anyway? Oh yeah, they were not breastfeed, likely beaten as a child, sexually abused, fuckedup beyond repair, and worse, they actually think they intimidate ‘me’, where i am like, huh? what? Could you scream abit louder, i cannot hear you! Oh, i see, you need attention, you feel unloved because you go around PISSING EVERYONE OFF! with your annoying fear mongering fucktard noncomprehending ways to makes others seem blindly as though they are invisible and unlovable, unreachable. Ya well, ya want some blinding white humiliating light with that sandwich satan? Cause i am the one to expose you to your own self, so beware, i will……….now go away, im bored with you now! LOL :mrgreen:


    well, it’s true you know, satan has no powers whatsoever, hard to believe how he is so delusional to his own self submerged under all his BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!! lol

    i enjoy playin with him though………lol …….in a purely bored out of my mind at times amusing way…..uhm…..there are scary people in life, but they don’t realize i can see them, but they cannot see comprehend ‘me’……they feel my presence though, the sacred mirror they silently hide from realizing their divine self. Shhhhhhh………here he comes………this is just wierd, and why is your voice in it? uhm?

    to wierd for me, wacked, someone must of dropped him on his head as a child…..are you behind this film? Be careful with the dark empty falsehood spirits……..which are mostly just annoying, better things to do with my precious time, than sit here listening to you satan, drolling and spitting all over me, here, take this cum towel and clean yourself up after you are done, will ya? lol

    wierd……..some sexy scenes though…..the crawling thru the streets thing though is abit too creepy for even me, and i’ve done my fair share of ‘walk of shame’ walks after the night before going home… 8 am……looking like fucking crap…..does he come with a leash? Just waundering……….

  33. ++

    blessed are all YOU who purity love feelings of the oneness sameness of all those in mourning the loss of loved ones in Haiti, what the kingdom of heaven is, love devoid of doubt eternal love forever more

    bless you all


  34. oh, one more question, is that Paul’s clothing he is wearing, love all of Paul’s clothing…….

    hmmm…there is Hollywood hype machine

    then there is another world…..Madonna hype machine….. lol

    still, this film seems abit fuckedup……read: i sorta always knew and loved my delicate pure loving sensitive effeminate homosexual self i came to purely know as a masturbating beautiful teen, but then i let pure myself naively get distracted by all the falsehood annoying gross materialistic small dick boys with no big dick boyfriend frustrated bitter ANNOYING hype once i arrived on the scene, got into too much drugs, lost myself somewhere, forgot all i ever really wanted was my boys dick in my ass and mine in his 24/7, always knowing the same thing each day i wake, i just need to always think what i always want to feel all the time, my boys big dick in my ass Biyatches! Oh, there i am, i remember who i am now, and i don’t need all ya small dick boys fansy boring whatevazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! Got it? Ok, don’t make me repeat myself, as one who is not as lost as some of you?


    did i just say that all in one breath? lol :mrgreen:

  35. is it one of those boring lameass, yawn yawn yawn films we get home and realize after the foolishly hyped waste of precious money and time thrown away, instead of staying home and fucking like we wanted to in the first place? lol :mrgreen:

    still, seems kinda bent………ok, im curious, do tell…… have a son you gave up for adoption?

    that’s just all so horribly sad if it’s true………..i could not handle that if i were you……….not much wonder you need me 24/7

    and what is it with Alex anyway? Oh, let me guess…..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……oh, i know!!! lol :mrgreen:

    when you going to give up on all these anal retentive boring ones anyway? huh?

    you know, i take time out of my life to give you one chance of opportunity to get with who you already know is the best, and you are like wasting my precious sacred valuable time………AGAIN!!!!!!! When you gonna learn? After it’s too late and big dick boy gets his hands on me again, keeping my motherfucking ass happy as fuck all the time, and you yet miserable miserable miserable all the time………AGAIN?!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    what is it with you heteros so thick skulled and boring as fuck anyway? uhm?

    oh i know…… don’t know what best feels like until you take time to get with the best where you cannot be of priority preferred heaven sent, until you learn fully what heaven sent prefers!

    only love babies!


    my alter ego, black of course, duh!
    drag queen versatile mostly top, of course, duh!
    and she believes in God!

    Where you god damned WELL BETTER believe i sure as shit know what im talkin about Biyatches!!!!!!!!!

    and no, i am not at Rupals house right now……..i wish….hey does Rupal have a big penis…….been meaning to look that one up!

    i suppose you do have every reason not to ever trust a black versatile mostly top drag queen who believes 100% in God…….not much wood i suppose…….gee i wonder why?

    Madonna’s trying to teach them to be angels, that’s why! They ain’t no angels baby! Ain’t no way they can all be angels of God, because if they was, well then where the hell is Jesus who they are all secretly protecting? huh? You is all motherfucking crazy, that’s what chizzzzz all! Now get over here and fuck me damn it!


    sorry, bin hangin out with the sistarzzzzzzz alot lately……..

    ya, they are all angels within, are they not? :mrgreen:

    always have been 2 ‘me’

  36. don’t you be pointin them darts at me, of a target you cannot hit that you cannot see……….

  37. we run from our own self, don’t we…………..

    we run from our own authentic pure sincere self, don’t we…………..

    we run from ‘that’ of another, don’t we……….

    why is ‘that’?

    afraid we might lose what we love the most, and get hurt?

    afraid they might not love us the way we love our preferred exceeding graceful self?

    what is hurt anyway?

    what does hurt reveal about us?

    the TRUTH of the constant 100% purity of self, does it not?

    ‘that’ is what we are, and what we all run away from, and yet, we all constantly seek the 100% constant connectedness of each other at all times, everywhere we go.

    and we tolerate way too much the fracturing of it in others and in self, in what is of every god damned falsehood on this (yet) motherfucked world of ours without God’s constant pure 100% loving light that is constantly there within all of YOU from where YOU all are from……..100% PURE CONSTANT LOVE LIGHT, who YOU all purely constantly always are, underneath all the bullshit lying and crying all the motherfucking time……….im tired of crying, ok?

    im sick of it

    time for happiness

  38. ‘constant yearning’ is a trueness aspect of divine self of our subconscious seeking oneness sameness in others.

    the oneness sameness becomes masked over in layers apon layers as we get older, and yet, always within we are all subconsciously of constant yearning to surrender 100% to feeling only love with one another and others at all times as much as possible.

    and the obvious reason is because within the core of our life expereince is the constant bliss experience while of the womb, what we ALL came thru in 100% blessed experience, what we all constantly yearn to feel once again, of such a pure subtle higher intellect awareness, it eludes most any of just how that feels, and yet while drifting off to sleep, we enter into the surrendered 100% pure state of our own peaceful inner sanctuary of self harmonious dwelling wthin our own flawless harmonious body/brain.

    While we cannot reveal the harmonious connection between our body/brain and our spirit of self that dwells in our body/brain, it is there, intuitively of eternal beginning the same thru eternal future, where scientifically speaking, it is common sense, is it not?

    no need for the religious whatever morons in all their discord bullshit layers on top of more bullshit layers of those who think they know God and so obviously don’t or they would not speak the way they speak with me, like so many of you do.

    oh, i forgot, im sorry, im in the wrong room again, as the homosexual perverted deviant you all paint ‘me’ as of all you who think you know God and don’t, from the wise view of one who does, that none of you care to know much about, as evident, you do not care to know about your own divine self, by everything any of you ever say or do.

    not to be interpreted as bitter, no, im not bitter, i actually feel sorry for you all, empathetic of you all, compassionately, purely and deeply within, that you do not know how it is that i feel and think like i do, of external facades you all create and pretend away behind, that leaves so many of my loving brothers and sisters isolated and alone, stupidly feeling unloved by those WHO ARE UNLOVING FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL :mrgreen:

    i know you get me Madonna…….most do not……..know what we know

    we know

    so obviously, of the torment we see in their eyes of those who do disconnect and isolate us during transition, praying they transition quickly out of the ignorance of others in fully realizing it is the hetero world that is ignorant of the purity love homosexuals are, which i can partly understand, i mean they interpret our wild sex play is deviant, and ya, it does appear that way, but they don’t realize it’s just what we do out of boredom………ya?

    hmmm….always wondered about that…..ya ok, we are deviant, BUT NOT EVIL UNLOVING FUCKERS!!!!!!!


    just doing some venting…….don’t mind ‘me’ :mrgreen:

    you know, at times i feel you think i am obsessed with you, and truly i am not………i wanted to love you, that’s all, more than i realized until i real-eyes the purity love of you is the same as ‘me’, of what some call being in love.

    for ‘me’, self-love awareness is what is really going on with everyone, is it not?

    that is what the oneness sameness is between us all we are all so afraid of, so immature about, argh, it’s all just so silly immature at times for me, all the hiding, all the pretending away, where is the honest pure true ‘real’ self one in any of it?

    fearfully hiding………..rather than fearlessness i know i am

    unwise controlling fear is of Satan
    wise non-controlling fearlessness is of God

    in everything anyone every says their entire life, of all souls past present future, of what is of every manifesting extrinsic resulting intrinsic forces of harmony vs discord

    optimistically, harmony is of our body and brain, in what is of the core of life experience of our Spiritual BEing within everyone of eternal all YOU

    wise are all YOU who embrace the constant TRUTH within everyone, in wise BEcoming conduct, rather than the false unBEcoming degeneration falsehood conduct of mad flood drowning ignorances of death destruction and oppression of the holy joyful absolute carefree happy divine child of God of eternal all YOU, (yet) manifesting in the ONE eternal generation of all YOU

    it’s all just absurd nonsense, is it not?

    hmmm….maybe that’s why Jesus decided to surrender to the beast of ignorance he knew would kill his body and unknowingly set his spirit free……..he dreaded looking apon it all the time everywhere he looked, just as we too look and purely feel, do we not?

    ya, i would walk away too, and not look back, and maybe that is exactly what i did when i got on that bus long ago, did i not?

    but then i came back……..with what i had to say……….the TRUTH of eternal all YOU, always for sake of YOU, not ever in doubt of any of YOU, no, we are all the same oneness of flawless healing divine self-love awareness feelings we love feeling and BEing who we purely always were and yet are within us all.

    and yet again, foolishness sees another die senselessly again today, and again tomorrow, when is it all going to stop?

    am i the only one who is completely sickened by it all, all the time?

    unwise children of God, listen to what i am saying

  39. Mario Rosso and Luizo Vega

    denounce Jesus?

    like the Roman prisoners…..i’d rather die than live a lie

    Conexion Paris - Tangotik

  40. so harsh, for so many in morning of the loss of loved ones, the vastness of the void that leaves one feeling how others are in approach of them in each passing moment of a loving hand we all need to be reaching out to and just holding them all in our loving hands…..and not just during times like this.

    who is going to show them the way?……of the purity of love we all feel in our hearts like their own? Oneness Sameness LOVE is who we all R

  41. what is it with youtube and their shortsightedness of containing speech to limited text? uhm? Oh yeah, morons of only one thing on their minds, money. Yeah well what about the intellectuals out there who cannot get their god damned point across in one fucking sentence, uhm? Hell in a handbasket.

    anyway…..surprising news if it’s true Madonna has a 36 year old son, with no disclaimer thus far…… maybe it is true. Ya well i have this to say, for sake of both, that is no one’s business but theirs, between them, of God’s knowing the eternal bond between a child and it’s parents.

    first of all, she is not my idol
    second of all, i do know everything, worthy of value beyond all the boring lameass riches of the worldly, not that they potentially do not have the ability to know what i purely know within us all.
    hmmm…..there is something purely sacred i feel about whatever is going on, in a pure loving place in the heart of Madonna’s child she supposedly walked away from in taken on responsibility of raising a child, a decision i don’t feel anyone at that age is able to make for themselves either way, a decision that altered the course of both her and her child now in reunion of sacred purity love of the mother child bond that no one can ever come between, that no one would, if they knew the truth of the eternal love between a mother and child that is unfailing, albeit seemingly failing in outward appearance of the resulting intrinsic forces within of extrinsic forces at the time she (may) have made such a difficult heart wrenching decision she has likely though about every day since, ya for sure she has always thought about it, surprised she has not spoken of it till now.
    My heart goes out to both the mother and child, (if this is a true story), that no one should say anything to either of them, of whatever absurd speculation hypocrisy false ill intent attempt to falsify the purity love bond yet between them of what is an eternal bond between child and mother of Holy Sacred primal TRUTH of the beginning thru end.
    I feel purely sad for both of them, and pray they both surrender to that pure place within them they feel while alone in meditative awareness of only love that flows, without any shame or useless guilt coming between them, as most do not realize the reality of extrinsic/intrisic forces at play duing a mother’s decision i know in truth was too young to be making such heart wrenching decisions at the time, regardless of who or who may not have participated with her in making such a decision, may they remain forever silent, and leave the past in the past where it belongs, in mother and child greeting one another in oneness sameness of the eternal bond yet there between them today in the present thru eternal future. And here is what none of you can ever argue against, both the child and mother are the ones who purely know of the eternal purity love bond between them yet there, and that belongs only to them fo them to know, that i know they know, just as God knows what is of ONEness divine self of eternal all YOU.
    Cast from you all false manifesting masks of anger that may yet remain of sadness false seperating of mother and child forever more. It was a false thing to do at the time, and any false manifestations yet lingering is what it is, a result of the false attempt of seperation in the first place, where truth of the feelings yet of both mother and child, is there within them both, that neither is able to ever deny.
    You know i always was against abortion and adoption, but we are much wiser now of insight we did not know back then of a different time of lacking insight of the human condition.
    Anyway, do not address me as a fool ever again. Any of you. It is you who are absurdly foolish and unwise in obvious clarity as to the ignornace that spus forth from your yet unwise lips, and be thankful a pure Holy Spirited one of God took time with you in your miserable fucked upside down lives. You hurt only your own divine self in choosing to turn toward speaking unwise foolish hypocite words of the hypocrisy heart you turn towards in delight of dwelling in like so many of you do, foul tasting and always a falsehood of binding blinding ignorance of the trueness aspects of the divine child of God within all of YOU. It is i who spits out the poison from the cup you stupidly offer me to drink from, not ever again shall i drink or dine with any of you, so help me God. I despise it, ok? You people in all you self glorified sht for brains gross materialism arrogance forefather snarings, unaware of your own snarings of heart mind body spirit and soul. YOU do not know the one who approaches with only constructive criticism for sake of YOU.
    So friggin sick of people speaking to me like i am an imbosol, when clearly i am not………fuckers!

    i need to find friends who are fun to be around and leave this boring as click behind……….

    peace be to you
    and peace be to you
    bless you all

  42. argh……it’s impossible now!

    i mean how can i see you, with a hotass 36 year old gay boy son running around the house half naked(in my imagination) all the time? uhm?

    he doesn’t live with you?

    oh, ok……

    but what about parties and such, i mean as long as you keep him away from me, i should be fine, right?

    made ya smile :mrgreen:

    fuck he is so friggin hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    interesting artist, abit intense, i like intense, and as longggg as he has a nice penis, well, who can complain?

  43. I truly enjoy reading through on this site, it has superb articles.

  44. stop paying people to hack my done & Facebook

    your making me HATE YOU !!!

    you don’t want to make me HATE

  45. when the party ends and you wake up alone, maybe then you realize who the fool is…here is a hint, it’s not me biyatches! cya

  46. when in doubt, seek the truth, then speak it to all the lame ass lying fuckers with all their useless two timing double life doubt: transfer it back to where it comes from

  47. God depises liars, gee i wonder why?……..NOT!!!!!

  48. low self-esteem manifestations of codependency suck!!!

    all you fake ass fuckers will die one day, and not even care to realize the shit for brains empty nothing egotism you mostly were in life, that leaves so many feeling what your emptying out of hell into heaven truly IS!

    suffer the children of God unto me, Jesus says, for all you aimlessly plodding along haphazardly in becoming the unbecoming conduct of the mad flood drowning selfish forefather ignorance, that most of you do not even realize you are, or care to realize the truth the emanates so black in blind darkness surround, as though no one sees or feels the truth of you?

    look again at how the children of God appear to you who do not exist to them, or more accurately, may as well not exist to them, in all your hostile self-righteousness that makes you think you are better than they are?

    you are not!

    from the abyss of empty nothingness you are returned to, as though you did and do not exist, of hollow empty feeling nothing ambitions without a helmsman, without your real self, pressed down, held captive refrain, restrain, reblame, regaining control over others as though you are of value to heaven you do not seek?



  49. laugh father, yes laugh, in realizing how wise i am becoming… you are

  50. [Andyy munches on another apple, as s/he turns and speaks]

    you know, if you sit long beside Jesus enough in the beautiful peaceful pure in feeling day, of all who have gathered all around us, you can sense what they too all begin to feel, in gradually seeing their falsehood egos fade and give way to the oneness wise truth we all are, standing among the poor who are not poor at all, the humble humility as overflowing abundant love(light) flows forth as though for the first time for them, a rebirth of sorts, who begin to share the only wealth in heaven, feeding of the multitudes, not by magic, as some stupidly say, rather by divine spiritual oneness atonement in falling to their knees in silent graceful praying forgiveness and thankfulness of heaven’s exploding eternal day, lifting all up higher and higher, eternally felt and witnessed, as false unwise darkness gives way to wise true loving light….heaven really is our feelings


  51. thank you Madonna

  52. Hi!
    Please send us an email if you own shares in some companies.
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  53. What ? Well next time you shut the gates to heaven, don’t leave you son in charge … Yes rocky let me in he showed me around the place I know where everything is no secrets left

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