The Queen’s Copycats 1


I loved the film “Brokeback Mountain,” yet I still get angry that Hollywood continues to copy my every move! I should have received a credit for at least inspiring the art direction! They copied my “Don’t Tell Me” video and the “Music” album and single covers. In addition, they seem to have copied the ending of my “Material Girl” video as well. That truck looks very familiar! This is just one of many films that ripped me off this year. This is the best movie of the year, however.


6 Responses

  1. Well I think they are non creative, and i think all of your videos are magical and a work of art. But can you sue them?

  2. Madonna…have you ever been into copying what inspires you? Tamara de Lempicka, Mae West, Marylin Monroe…You inspire people Madonna…you just gotta except that…

    Love you,


  3. yeah you are more of a guy than all of them,thats why there is only one man who can make you feel like a real lady……its mr.Know how!Hi miss KNOW IT ALL!!!Of course you can be on top sweet heart,you can even take a long walk on my back with the highest pair of hills,just don’t come in my Bathroom like that or make me come around your house again like the last time,this time you can just invite me over for dinner…i’ll be there on time.

  4. like they copied you haha fuck your a dim wit

  5. DEVIL!

    You’re time has come… I’ve given you time – but not the clock will stop ticking – and the light that you think you own will take you straight to the darkness…

  6. what time is it ? shit im late… x

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