I’m the Director! Now. Shut up and do as you are told!

Ok. I know I shouldn’t say this, but some of these actors are going to make me lose it! This actress (I won’t name names) said she has creative differences with me about MY FILM! I told her to do as she is told or she will be looking for a new job! You see…I am THE DIRECTOR. It’s my vision. It’s my artistic integrity that is on the line. You are just the actress who will read the lines as she is instructed to do. Sorry. I just had to vent. These actors are going to cause me to get my first wrinkle!


No Time to Blog

I’ve been so busy! Directing movies is very easy, but it’s so time consuming. I know my fans are probably wishing that I would get back to the studio and record the next blockbuster album. However, my attention is on my latest film right now. I hope you will be patient with me. Enjoy the latest copycat until I return. I won’t name names.

No more Baby Food for Me!

Ok. I have had it with Tracy Anderson and her stupid baby food diet. As many of you know by now, she is no longer my trainer. I am using dance and these big rubber bands for my exercise now. And I eat real food. I will never eat baby food again. I suggest you don’t either.

That’s What Friends Are For

This may sound corny, but I don’t care. I don’t know what I’d do without my friend Gwyneth. She has been there for me through all of this latest scandal surrounding me. I was so happy to see her in New York. She’s been helping me in so many ways. We were just just joking around yesterday singing, “Keep smiling, keep shining…knowing you can always count on me…for sure…that’s what friends are for!” I am so frustrated with all of the lies and rumours about my life. My attorneys have sent a warning letter to Mrs. Rodriguez’s attorneys. One more comment about me and their firm will be facing a defamation lawsuit. I don’t play around! I hope you are having a better week than I am having. Oh…I almost forgot. I have been working with Britney on a special project. She has made so much progress. I cannot wait for you to see it! It’s da bomb!

It’s All An Illusion

This is amazing. Look at this up close and then walk away from the computer about 15 feet and look again. It’s all an illusion. There’s too much confusion!

The Queen’s English: At Her Majesty’s Pleasure


At Her Majesty’s Pleasure: The term is used to describe detainment in prison for an indefinite length of time. A judge may rule that a person be “detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure” for serious offences. Guy uses this phrase all the time. When the children ask when they can leave the table, he says, “At her majesty’s pleasure!” Please use this phrase in a sentence today! I am here to spread my scintillescent light upon you all! Remember Kabbalah encourages you to share your knowledge with everyone! Teach others what you have learned. Have FUN!

Please Do NOT Buy This Book!


A true fan would never buy this book. I’m sure my brother will use the money to purchase drugs. If you buy it, you’ll be hurting me and my family at the same time. Whatever you do, please do NOT buy this book!